Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thundermother - No Red Rowan (1970-71 uk, a must heavy acid psych blues folk rock, Kissing Spell release)

Thundermother hailed from UK and were actually a studio band, they recorded one and only album in a weekend, their music was a mix of heavy acid psych blues rock. The band's lead singer was David John who round 1962 formed David John and The Mood (broke up in early 1966).

Their bass player and vocalist as well, was Frank Newbould (The Purple Haze) who was a member of Little Free Rock .Thundermother shared some tracks on an album together with Lightyears Away called "Astral Navigations" (Holyground 1971).
1. Someday (Frank Newbould) - 13:41
2. Country Lines (David John, Dave Wilkinson) - 1:05
3. Boogie Music (L.T.Tateman III) - 4:48
4. Woman (Dave Millen) - 3:17
5. Lady (Lay by Me) (David John, Dave Millen) - 3:39
6. The People Show (David John, Dave Millen, Frank Newbould) - 3:55
7. Come on Home (Dave Millen) - 4:53
8. Woman in my Life (David John, Dave Millen, Frank Newbould) - 4:17
9. Rock me Babe (Dave Millen) - 6:03
10.Boogie Music (Coke Version) (L.T.Tateman III) - 4:53
11.Duce Blues (Dave Millen, Jerusalem Smith, Fred Kelly) - 4:14
12.Watch Your Step (David John) - 3:30
13.You Know Me Baby (Dave Millen, Frank Newbould) - 1:26
14.Come on Home (Dave Millen) - 7:31
Tracks 1-7 recorded 1970
Tracks 8-14 recorded 1971

*David John - Lead Vocals
*Frank Newbould  - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
*Ginner(Dave Millen) - Lead ,  Acid Guitars, Vocals
*Daz(Dave Smith) - Bass
*Fred Kelly - Drums
*Jerusalem Smith - Drums On 'Woman'
*Dave Wilkinson - Piano

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