Friday, November 3, 2023

Hush - The Best Of (1973-77 australia, strong glam boogie classic rock, 2000 remaster)

History doesn't always show the full story, and this is certainly the case with Hush. The band had it's beginnings in 1970 and continued in various forms until the end of the 70s, with 1975being their most successful time. Their biggest hit was Bony Moronie, an energetic cover of the Larry Williams US hit from eighteen years earlier, and it was the one of the ten bestselling singles in Australia during that year. No mean feat when you consider that Hush were competing for chart space with the likes of Abba and The Bay City Rollers, plus the local dynamic duo of Sherbet and Skyhooks, the only Australian acts to do better than the this Sydney based quartet. Lead singer and founder Keith Lamb was a charismatic front man, demanding attention from his audiences, and Hush were nothing like any of the other home grown rock bands. They were rockers, no doubt, but they had their own persona. Hush is probably the closest Australia ever got to having its own glam rock band.

For several years the band decked themselves in tight fitting satin pants (flares of course!) and shirts, scarfs and sequins, and the tallest platform shoes, looking like they had just done a stint backing David Bowie or Gary Glitter, but the sound was pure rock and roll. Across a chart career spanning five years they scored ten Top 100singles, all of which are included here, and six Top 100 albums.

By 1978 the band had split up. Whether it was the fact that the group could not endure another line up change, or that their biggest hits were cover versions (Bony Moronie was followed into the Top 10 in 1975 by their creditable version of Dave Clark Five's Glad All Over), the spark of Hush had disappeared. Keith Lamb continued to front bands for a few more years (the Keith Lamb Band and Airport were two of them) and lead guitarist Les Gock has set up a successful production company.

As one of their songs states, nothing stays the same forever, but what remains are fine examples of good time Australian rock and roll songs from the music scene of the 70s, which was always exciting and interesting.
by Steve Scanes
1. Bony Moronie (Larry Williams) - 3:11
2. Glad All Over (Dave Clark, Mike Smith) - 3:19
3. Get Rocked  - 3:27
4. Caroline - 4:21
5. Rough Tough 'n' Ready - 3:47
6. Rockin' Gypsy King - 5:05
7. Walking - 3:19
8. C'mon We're Taking Over - 5:04
9. Too Young To Know (Les Gock, Lamb, Robie Porter) - 3:17
10.The Exit - 3:23
11.Lies - 3:26
12.You Really Got A Hold On Me - 2:59
13.Sunday - 3:21
14.Nunchuka Man - 3:27
18.Nothing Stays The Same Forever - 6:06
16.9-5'er - 4:32
17.Messin' Around - 4:12
18.China Doll - 3:45
All songs by Les Gock, Keith Lamb except where stated

*Keith Lamb - Lead Vocals (1971-77, 1979)
*Robin Jackson - Lead Guitar (1971-72)
*John Koutts - Drums (1971-72)
*Rick Lum - Bass Guitar (1971-76)
*Chris Nolan - Keyboards (1971-72)
*Les Gock - Lead Guitar (1972-77)
*Chris Pailthorpe - Drums (1972-77)
*Jacques De Jongh - Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar (1976-77)