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Light - Light (1978 ireland, excellent guitar rock)

These guys are an Irish band from the late 70's. The vocals remind of Rory Gallagher and the songs have a Thin Lizzy-ish quality with some nice dual harmony guitars.
Songwriting is in the same mold as Lizzy as well as is the pace of the album. Nice guitars on this one supplied by Jim Armstrong who was in Them and also Truth (the Chicago-based one).

Anyone who remembers THEM (with Van Morrison) between 1967 and 1968, and (without Van Morrison) between 1969 and 1971, or a Chicago-based band called TRUTH, cannot fail to recall the playing of one of the world's great rock guitarists JIM ARMSTRONG.

Following the demise of TRUTH in 1971, Armstrong retreated from the international scene to gig at a more relaxed pace in his native Belfast. There was some writing and recording work with Brian Scott and bertie MacDonald in 1973, to be followed by concert performances with an occasional band called LIGHT, which, also included George O'Hara and Albert Mills. 

The breakthrough came in March 1977 when the band came together to play regular sessions at Ireland's premiere rock venue, the POUND, at the invitation of Dermont Moffatt. The last fifteen months have seen LIGHT established as Ireland's finest rock band, possibly the best ever.
Liner Notes
1. The Break (Albert Mills, Jim Armstrong) 4:14
2. Harland The Wolf (Jim Armstrong, Bertie MacDonald) 6:47
3. Beatification Of A Sad Pussycat (Brian Scott) 4:59
4. The Hooker (Albert Mills, Jim Armstrong) 4:35
5. Lonely One (George O'Hara, Jim Armstrong) 3:06
6. Castles In The Sand (Jim Armstrong, Bertie MacDonald) 3:57
7. Summertime (George Gershwin) 4:58
8. Ray's Song (The Dance) (George O'Hara) 3:39

*Jim Armstrong - Lead Guitar
*Albert Mills - Bass, Lead Vocals
*Brian Scott - Keyboards, Flute, Backing Vocals
*George O'Hara - Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals (Tracks 2,5)
*Bertie MacDonald - Drums  
*Artie Thompson - Additional Percussion (Track 1)

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