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Puzzle - Puzzle (1973 us, spectacular funk brass rock, Vinyl edition)

Chicago-born John LiVigni (aka John Valenti) started to play drums and sings with Larry Klimas at clubs in Chicago and Detroit as "The Outfit", when he was a teen-ager. They scudded to be signed with Motown and released 2 albums under the name of "Puzzle" in early 70's.

Puzzle's  same titled debut album is an amalgam of brass jazz funk rock and a bit of British prog bands from the same era. Most songs written by John LiVigni, great guitar parts from Robert Villalobos with psychedelic splashes. Excellent also the rest of the band.
1. On With The Show (John Livigni) - 2:44
2. Lady (John Livigni) - 3:37
3. You Make Me Happy (John Livigni) - 3:22
4. Never Gonna Leave Again (John Livigni, Joseph Spinazola) - 5:00
5. The Grosso (John Livigni, Larry Klimas) - 5:46
6. Brand New World (John Livigni) - 4:08
7. Suite Delirium (Anthony Siciliano, Bobby Villalobos, John Livigni, Joseph Spinazola, Larry Klimas, Ralf Richert) - 7:02
8. It's Not The Last Time (John Livigni, Larry Klimas) - 4:52
9. Don't Know Where I'm Gonna Be Today (John Livigni) - 2:38

*John Livigni "John Valenti" - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
*Anthony Siciliano - Bass
*Bobby Villalobos - Guitar
*Ralf Richert - Guitar, Trumpet
*Joseph Spinazola - Organ, Piano
*Larry Klimas - Saxophone, Flute
*Bob Williams - Trumpet

1974  Puzzle - The Second Album (2018 korean remaster) 

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