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Home - Live BBC Sessions (1972-73 uk, significant prog rock)

Home was a relatively obscure British group most closely associated with the progressive rock movement of the early 1970s, but their lasting legacy has had less to do with their music than as serving as a proving ground for several musicians who would go on to find much greater success with future bands.

Founded in London in 1970 by singer/guitarist Mick Stubbs, guitarist Laurie Wisefield, bassist Cliff Williams, and drummer Mick Cook, who eventually attracted some label interest and wound up signed to CBS Records, releasing three albums over the next three years. 1971's Pause for a Hoarse Horse came first with keyboard player Clive John fleshing out the group's relatively understated progressive rock aspirations, which were tempered with elements of the period's easygoing California rock sound and driven primarily by Wisefield's distinctive guitar work. 
1. How Would It Feel (Mick Stubbs) - 6:27
2. Red E. Lewis And Red Caps (Mick Stubbs) - 7:40
3. Dreamer (Mick Stubbs, Mick Cook, Laurie Wisefield, Cliff Williams) - 5:13
4. My Lady Of The Birds (Mick Stubbs, Mick Cook, Laurie Wisefield, Cliff Williams) - 8:30
5. In My Time (Mick Stubbs, Mick Cook, Laurie Wisefield, Cliff Williams) - 8:33
6. Schooldays - 3:03
7. The Old Man Dying - 3:26
8. Time Passes By - 1:37
9. The Old Man Calling - 3:06
10.The Disaster - 2:41
11.The Sun's Revenge - 6:01
12.A Secret To Keep - 1:15
13.The Brass Band Played - 0:26
14.Rejoicing - 2:40
15.The Disaster Returns - 8:07
16.Death Of The Alchemist - 4:36
17.The Alchemist - 3:41
Tracks 6-17 written by Mick Stubbs, Mick Cook, Laurie Wisefield, Cliff Williams, David Skillin

The Home
*Mick Stubbs - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
*Laurie Wisefield - Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Vocals
*Cliff Williams - Bass, Vocals
*Mick Cook - Drums, Percussion
*Jim Anderson - Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Synthesizer, Vocals, (Tracks 6-17)

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