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Allan Taylor - Sometimes / The Lady (1971 uk, exceptional acoustic baroque folk)

Allan Taylor is one of England's most-respected singer/songwriters. His songs have been covered by artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including Don Williams, Frankie Miller, Fairport Convention, Dick Gaughan, the McCalmans, the Fureys, the Clancy Brothers, and De Dannan. Folk Roots praised him for his "ability to crystallize a mood and evoke an era with the ease of a computer memory access, crafting perfect songs with dramatic changes in the spirit of Brecht, Bikel, and Brel." The Oxford Book of Traditional Verse felt as strongly, writing that Taylor was "one of the most literate and sensitive of contemporary songwriters in terms of words and music and one who is capable of exploring more complex subjects than most of his contemporaries."

Inspired by the folk revival that swept the United Kingdom in the mid-'60s, Taylor left school at the age of 16 to run a local folk club. Stepping out as a professional musician five years later, he was greatly supported by members of Fairport Convention. Their friendship was cemented when he toured as opening act for the group's national tour. His 1971 debut album, Sometimes, featured instrumental accompaniment from Fairport's drummer Dave Mattacks, fiddler Dave Swarbrick, and bassist Dave Pegg. 
by Craig Harris
1. Sometimes (Allan Taylor, Myles Wootton) - 3:07
2. Searching For Lambs (Traditional) - 2:36
3. Nursery Tale - 3:12
4. Robin Hood (Traditional) - 4:05
5. Song For Kathy - 3:37
6. Swallow Sallow (Allan Taylor, Myles Wootton) - 2:34
7. Scarlet And Grey (Allan Taylor, Myles Wootton) - 3:01
8. Our Captain Cried All Hands (Traditional) - 4:14
9. Tudor Pop - 3:11
10.The Leaves Of Spring (Allan Taylor, Myles Wootton) - 3:52
11.The Pied Piper (Allan Taylor, Myles Wootton) - 3:31
12.The Kiss (Allan Taylor, Robert Herrick) - 5:03
13.Belfast '71 - 4:51
14.Still He Sings - 2:24
15.The Morning Lies Heavy - 3:14
16.Something's Chenged - 2:38
17.Let Me Be - 4:21
18.The Boy And The Mantle - 6:43
19.The Lady - 2:33
20.Cain - 2:54
21.Simple Song - 3:06
22.My Lady (Ian Matthews) - 1:43
Words and Music by Allan Taylor except where indicated
Tracks 1-12 from "Sometimes" 1971 written between 1967-1970
Tracks 13-22 fom "The Lady" 1971

*Allan Taylor - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
*Dave Mattacks - Drums
*Dave Pegg - Bass
*Dave Swarbrick - Violin
*Tony Cox - Orchestral Arrangements

"The Lady"
*Allan Taylor - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
*Andy Roberts - Electric, Acoustic Guitar
*Dave Mattocks - Drums
*Bob Ronga - Bass
*Pete Stanley - Banjo, Dulcimer
*Tony Cox - Keyboards
*Ian Matthews - Backing Vocals
*Royston Woods - Backing Vocals
*Tony Halsted - Horn
*Robbie Hewlett - Bass
*John Wibraham - Trumpet