Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Sundowners - Captain Nemo (1968 us, elagant sunny beats, 2007 remaster)

The Sundowners’ cover of Roger Nichols’ Always You, was a nailedon easy monster: a string and trumpet-driven hallucination of a violet sunset over Malibu Beach, with a girl in a big bikini running your way. It quickly fostered a craving for more.

The Sundowners, it now transpires, hailed from New York and there were six of them. Stylistically, they mashed up the usual Beatles, Beach Boys and Byrdsisms – but these cats boasted symphonic ideas, an edge, a complexity, and a six-way ego clash. Playing Ciro’s on Sunset Strip in the spring of 1967, Michael Nesmith wandered backstage and asked them, “So, how would you like to go on tour with the Monkees?” They ended up supporting Hendrix as well. Then they imploded and disappeared. Finding Nemo, indeed.
by Derek Hammond, 04 September 2007
1. Sunny Day People (Dominick DeMieri, Eddie Placidi) - 2:36
2. On The Edge Of Love - 3:10
3. Let It Be Me (Gilbert Bécaud, Manny Curtis, Pierre Delanoë) - 4:36
4. Dear Undecided - 2:24
5. Ring Out Wild Bells - 2:27
6. Plaster Casters (Dominick DeMieri, Eddie Placidi) - 2:43
7. Captain Nemo - 3:45
8. Always You (Tony Asher, Roger Nichols) - 2:54
9. Easy Does It - 2:48
10.Blue Green Eyes - 3:03
11.So Sad - 3:59
All songs by Dominick DeMieri except where noted

The Sundowners
*Dominick DeMieri - Bass, Lead, Rhythm, Steel Guitars, Organ, Piano, Vocals
*Eddie Placidi - Rhythm, Lead, Steel Guitars, Organ, Piano, Vocals
*Bobby Dick - Bass, Vocals 
*Eddie Brick - Percussion, Vocals 
*Kim Capli - Drums 
*George Bianchi - Percussion, Vocals
*Benny Grammatico - Drums, Vocals 
*Joe Foster - Synthesizer
*Nick Robbins - Synthesizer