Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wabash Resurrection - Get It Off! (1974 us, tough and raw classic rock with southern smell)

Wabash Resurrection sound like a garage Lynyrd Skynyrd after a heavy night with Crazy Horse. The best tracks are definitive shit-kicking-rural-mullet-toting pick-up-truck-drivin’ rawk. Naturally they look the part on the cover. Launches with “Pigsty Blues” which seems to be about “keeping yer sheeet good and your feet flat on the ground”, essential for one’s health and well being don’t you know. 

The second track, “A Soldier’s Lament” is perhaps the best, and could be straight off the Rayne LP, thudding drumming and really groovy Crazy Horse style guitar with perfectly subdued, downer vocals. On the amazing “In Heat” they really nail it on the head with the lines: “I dig those Rhythm and Blues/Don’t try to tell me ‘bout no astral projections/I got horse shit on my shoes". You can just picture the lead singer in his cowboy hat peering skeptically at the hippie chick as she warbles on about the Age of Aquarius. 
from "Acid Archives"
1. Pigsty Blues (Larry Lemons) - 3:43
2. A Soldier's Lament (Doug Oakley) - 4:41
3. Feelin' Good (Bud Bailey, Doug Oakley) - 5:17
4. Country Heartache (Larry Lemons) - 4:41
5. In Heat (Doug Oakley) - 4:47
6. The Angel Came And Went (Bud Bailey) - 2:58
7. Society Woman (Bud Bailey, Doug Oakley) - 4:13
8. You Need Someone (Bud Bailey, Doug Oakley) - 6:53

The Wabash Resurrection
*Bud Bailey - Vocals, Guitar
*Larry "Pipes" Lemons - Bass
*Doug Oakley - Drums, Vocals

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