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Lone Star - Lone Star / Firing On All Six (1976-77 uk, heavy riffs, strong melodies soaring keyboards funk bass solid drumming, 2004 remaster)

This traditional UK hard rock quintet was formed in 1975 by Kenny Driscoll (lead vocals), Tony Smith (guitar), Paul ‘Tonka’ Chapman (b. 9 June 1954, Cardiff, Wales; guitar), Pete Hurley (bass) and Dixie Lee (drums). Specializing in dynamic heavy rock, they attracted considerable attention with their Roy Thomas Baker-produced debut, offering an approach and sound not dissimilar to early Queen’s pomp/hard rock formula. Driscoll was replaced by John Sloman in 1977 before the release of Firing On All Six. This album pushed the dual guitars of Chapman and Smith to the forefront and concentrated on heavier material. Shortly after its release the band disintegrated, with Sloman joining Uriah Heep, Chapman replacing Michael Schenker in UFO and Dixie Lee teaming up with Wild Horses. 

The first album was compared to their second album "Firing On All Six" a more progressive hardrock-album with a great touch. This album is even better than their second album that I gave four stars. So this album is worth four strongs stars without any doubts. Roy Thomas Bakers production is really nice and is a mix between the sound of Led Zeepelins rocknroll, the harmonyvocals of Queen and the edge of a young and horny Uriah Heep. It's damn strange that the band didn't break big time cause this album sits on all the ingredients that an album of this era should consist. If you love the boombastic 70's and missed Lone Star... Well buy the album at once. If you loved and still love the band and don't have the Rock Candy-reissues - by them today as they are really nice with a fat bookletand bonustracks. Marvellous album. The song "Lonely Soldier" is one of the best songs in the pompgenre of the 70's.

In1977 the original vocalist Kenny Driscoll was replaced by 20-year old newcomer John Sloman (ex-Trapper). The band's second album, Firing on All Six, produced by Gary Lyons bettered its predecessor and reached No. 36 and the band did high profiles gig on such venues like The Reading Festival. If you havent heard Lone Star before and enjoy the huge "pompesque" arenasound of the 70's this album is a must. The opening track "The Bells Of Berlin" is a killer, "Hypnotic Mover" sounds like a mix between Queen and Uriah Heep and the soft "Seasons In Your Eyes" flirts with the sound of Supertramp. 
by Pär Winberg 2012-10-06
1. She Said She Said (Joh Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 8:29
2. Lonely Soldier - 5:09
3. Flying In The Reel - 4:54
4. Spaceships - 6:44
5. A New Day - 5:14
6. A Million Stars - 3:50
7. Illusions - 3:12
8. The Bells Of Berlin - 6:55
9. The Ballad Of Crafty Jack - 3:41
10.Time Lays Down - 4:49
11.Hypnotic Mover - 4:27
12.Lovely Lubina - 3:36
13.Seasons In Your Eyes - 4:13
14.Rivers Overflowing - 4:57
15.All Of Us To All Of You - 4:55
Tracks 2-7 written by Kenny Driscoll, Tony Smith
Tracks 8-15 written by Dixie Lee, John Sloman, Paul Chapman,  Peter Hurley, Rick Worsnop, Tony Smith
Tracks 1-7 taken from "Lone Star" release 1976
Tracks 8-15 taken from "Firing On All Six" released 1977

Lone Star
*Kenny Driscoll - Lead Vocals (Tracks 1-7)
*John Sloman - Lead Vocals (Tracks 8-15)
*Tony Smith - Guitars, Vocals
*Paul Chapman - Guitars
*Rick Worsnop - Keyboards, Vocals
*Peter Hurley - Bass
*Dixie Lee - Drums, Vocals, Percussion