Sunday, July 17, 2022

People - I Love You (1968 us, marvelous psych rock)

The bare facts about the California-based band People! are known to every long-time follower of Christian rock as the '60s band that launched the music career of The Father Of Christian Rock, Larry Norman.

People! were signed to Hollywood's Capitol Records (the label that made countless millions with the Beatles and repeated the trick with The Beach Boys) in 1966. After two unsuccessful singles, the band, consisting of singers Larry Norman and Gene Mason, along with guitarist and founder Geoff Levin, his brother Robb Levin on bass, Albert Ribisi on organ and Denny Fridkin on drums, had a hit with the single "I Love You" - a cover of a flipside by Britain's The Zombies. The single made number 14 in the US charts and went on to become a number one hit in Japan, Italy and Israel, with People! going on to play gigs alongside the top names in rock and pop. But People!'s debut album didn't sell. And there were no more hits for the band, who parted company with Larry shortly after most of the band embraced the Scientology cult. 
by Tony Cummings
1. 1000 Years B.C. (Larry Norman, Robb Levin) - 3:05
2. Nothing Can Stop The Elephants (Albert Ribisi, Denny Fridkin) - 2:59
3. Ashes Of Me (Albert Ribisi) - 3:18
4. Crying Shoes (Denny Fridkin) - 2:43
5. I Love You (Chris White) - 4:32
6. What We Need Is A Lot More Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock 'n' Roll) (Wayne Raney) - 2:02
7. The Epic (Denny Fridkin, Larry Norman) - 13:18

The People
*Larry Norman - Vocals
*Geoff Levin - Guitar
*Robb Levin - Bass Guitar
*Albert Ribisi - Keyboards
*Denny Fridkin - Drums
*Gene Mason - Vocals