Friday, April 28, 2023

Second Life - Second Life (1971 germany, tough stoner krautrock, digipak remaster)

Second Life is a hard rock power-trio from Frankfurt, which should appeal to Jimi Hendrix fans. Their self-titled debut LP relies heavily on the Hendrix power-trio approach as the overall feel of the music and especially the vocals has Hendrix written all over it. The album kicks off with the twenty-minute epic ‘Second Life’. A collage of explosions introduces the track before giving way to some rather downbeat acoustic guitar and vocals. Slowly the track builds into a heavy guitar jam (the second life) containing heavy blues rock riffs and Hendrix-styled guitar solos before giving way to a six-minute drum solo. 

Following this solo the track returns to the heavy riff motifs that were featured earlier before ending with another collage of explosions. ‘I’m Going’ follows a similar path in that it starts off slow before building up steam. The guitar on this track sounds a bit psychedelic and the vocals sound like Hendrix. ‘Raiders Of Night’ is a heavy anthem containing a heavy riff and a catchy chorus. ‘Sunshine Is Dying’ and ‘Hate’ close out the album in similar fashion with ‘Hate’ being the stronger of the two tracks. Overall this album is a good first outing. Soon after its release the band changed their name to Tiger B. Smith
1. Second Life - 20:55
2. I'm Going - 5:37
3. Raiders Of Night - 4:58
4. Sunshine Is Dying - 5:27
5. Hate - 5:02
All compositions by Holger Schmidt, Claus Meinhardt, Karl-Heinz Trauth

Second Life
*Holger Schmidt - Guitar, Vocals
*Claus Meinhardt - Bass, Vocals
*Karl-Heinz Trauth - Drums