Saturday, December 26, 2020

Limousine - Limousine (1970 us, awesome hard goovy funky bluesy rock, Vinyl edition)

Limousine was a band that created from the ashes of Chosen Few, with the turn of the decade they changed their name and their sound to more hard Rock influence, this time with the horns in a more discreet option and the keyboards getting imposed sometimes.

The vocals are still great, and the songs passing through funky blues and hard rock waves.
1. A Song For Monique (David "Benny" Bennett) - 1:04
2. Sometimes (John Cascella, Carl Storie) - 5:46
3. Bitin' Grace (John Cascella, Carl Storie) - 6:13
4. Such A Lady, Such A Lover - 3:50
5. Barriers - 4:16
6. Sidewalk Siren - 5:04
7. Raise Your Voice - 3:25
8. Lighthouse - 6:18
All songs by Mark Cawley except where stated

*David Barnes - Drums
*David "Benny" Bennett - Lead Guitar
*John Cascella - Keyboards, VocalS
*Mark Cawley - Cass, Vocal
*Carl Storie - Lead Vocal