Thursday, September 13, 2018

Michael Chapman - Millstone Grit (1973 uk, a bare tapestry of lonesome blues and guitar atmospherics, 2006 remaster)

After the release of Wrecked Again, Chapman parted company with Harvest, choosing to sign to Decca's Deram subsidiary, where he altered course somewhat, adding electric guitar and harder rhythms to his work. The first result, Millstone Grit, is a somewhat confused affair, with Chapman's trademark gloomy writing mixed with a couple of lively instrumentals, some almost experimental work, and the country-styled "Expressway in the Rain.

Electric guitar, still with that distinctive Chapman fluidity, featured more prominently. Tracks like “New York Ladies” and “Firewater Dreams” on ‘Millstone Grit’ showed a guitar master pursuing sounds and textures.
1. Firewater Dreams - 5:12
2. Sea Of Wine - 2:44
3. New York Ladies - 9:27
4. Champion - 1:19
5. Sundamental - 5:20
6. The Hero Returns - 3:37
7. Wellington The Skellington - 3:29
8. Expressway In The Rain - 3:05
All songs by Michael Chapman

*Michael Chapman - Vocals, Guitar
*Alex Atterson - Keyboards
*Rick Kemp - Bass
*Keef Hartley - Drums

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