Friday, September 2, 2022

Electric Sandwich - Electric Sandwich (1972 germany, nice trippy psych prog rock, 2004 digipak remaster)

In 1969, the members of a rather loose session line-up joined together to found Electric Sandwich, a jazz rock band from Bonn/Germany. Instead of working on a fixed repertoire, the band preferred to stay spontaneous and as free as possible both from a personal and a musical point of view. It was only gradually that they developed a set of fixedly arranged pieces combined with a great deal of improvisation.

Guitarist Jörg Ohlert doubled on keys, with organ on I Want You and a short Mellotron flute solo, followed by a string part on album closer Material Darkness, so not enough to make it worth it on the Mellotron front (where have we heard this before?). Overall, Electric Sandwich is a decent enough album.
1. China (Jörg Ohlert, Klaus Lormann, Wolf Fabian) - 8:03
2. Devil's Dream (Jörg Ohlert) - 6:15
3. Nervous Creek (Jochen Carthaus, Klaus Lormann) - 5:00
4. It's No Use To Run (Klaus Lormann) - 4:00
5. I Want You (Jochen Carthaus) - 5:24
6. Archie's Blues (Jochen Carthaus) - 4:40
7. Material Darkness (Jochen Carthaus) - 5:02

Electric Sandwich
*Klaus Lormann - Bass
*Wolf Fabian - Drums
*Jörg Ohlert - Guitar, Organ, Mellotron
*Jochen Carthaus - Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica