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Jack Schechtman - Jack Schechtman (1972 italy / us / canada, essential amalgam of folk rock, baroque and jazzy tunes)

It was a feeling rarely experienced. Have you ever felt encased in a halo? That's about the most honest way to express it. His style is oh so soft and mellow, yet totally original. Lyrically, it's nothing short of brilliant. With touches of blues, funk and good ole rock and roll Jack creates an atmosphere of unmitigated joy. He stopped by Record World two weeks later. We were eager to learn more about this gifted individual. Jack was born in Italy and when he was only three his family moved to the south Bronx. As the years flew by, Jack realized his destinywas music, but as he said,"I felt too introverted in New York. Musically, I couldn’t express my self. So I moved to Toronto, not to drop out mind you, but to seek a kind of slow withdraw alI so desperately  needed."

The Toronto folk scene became a part of his life, playing at places like Grumbles and the Riverboat, and learning from artists like Leon Redbone. Jack appears frequently on Canadian network radio and television, including "The Ian Tyson Show, "which is syndicated in several U.S. markets.

Jack's material has come to the attention of several major artists. Buzzy Linhart, Man hattan Transfer and Bette Midler have requested his songs and one is set for the next Lighthouse album.  So the album comes in and each listening gets better and better. A wonderful assortment of Jack Schechtman songs and ideals. I guess it’s kind of fitting that Jack’s album arrives at a time when he and Suzan are preparing for a first child.  
by Mitchell Fink, Record World Magazine, 1972
1. You Of All People - 3:48
2. Blind Faith - 3:50
3. Sing And Sway - 3:14
4. Criss-Crossing - 3:39
5. A Lady To Love - 3:45
6. Up And Down - 3:37
7. Razor - 2:51
8. Sharpshooter Delight - 3:13
9. On Cherry Mountain - 3:42
10.The Road Rolls On - 3:50
11.Glory Come, Glory Go - 2:25
All Music and Lyrics by Jack Schechtman

*Jack Schechtman - Vocals, Guitar
*Suzie Schechtman - Harmony Vocals
*Maribeth Solomon - Piano, Organ, Vocals, Electric Maestro
*Micky Erbe - Bass, Vocals, Strings Arrangements
*Brian Leonard - Drums
*Tony Nolasco - Drums, Groans
*Yehuda Wolk - Tumba, Quinto Drums
*Michael McKenna - Lead Guitar (Track 8)
*Adam Mitchell - Guitars, Bass, Organ, Mouth Harp, Vocals
*Warren Bernhardt - Piano
*Frank Owens - Organ
*Donald McDonald - Drums
*Marugai - African Talking, Clay Drums
*Bill Keith - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Tony Levin - Bass
*Ralph Casale - Guitars
*Artie Schreck - Percussion
*Phil Bodner - Flute
*Maretha Stuart, Lesley Miller, Linda November, Helen Miles, Hilda Harris, Pattie Austin - The Up and Down Power Chorus