Friday, December 6, 2019

Spirits And Worm - Spirits And Worm (1969 us wonderful psych rock with west coast breeze, 2001 issue)

Recorded at Ultra-Sonic Studios in Long Island, New York, this album is well worth searching out. Adrianne's powerful vocals are certainly an asset and although brass makes an occasional and unwelcome intrusion on the album it contains some fine guitar work, which on the title cut and Sunny Please Hold Me becomes quite psychedelic. Other highs include You And I Together and the final cut, She's So Good.

The legend goes that the album was pulled from distribution because the cover art (a couple of goats resting on a tombstone) was rumored to be satanic. A listen to the music, a collection of love songs with a Jefferson Airplane and Santana type sound, quickly disspells such associations.
1. You And I Together - 2:48
2. Every Little Bit Of Love (Carlos Hernandez, Tommy Parris) - 2:38
3. She - 3:18
4. Fanny Firecracker - 2:39
5. Sunny Please Hold Me - 3:42
6. Sprits And Worm - 2:59
7. All I Need Is A Little You - 4:02
8. She's The One - 3:03
9. You're Dynamite - 3:11
10.She's So Good - 3:56
All songs by Carlos Hernandez except track #2

Spirits And Worm
*Adrianne Maurici - Vocals
*Carlos Hernandez - Guitar
*Tommy Parris - Bass, Vocals
*Artie Hicks - Drums
*Alfred Scotti - Guitar, Vocals

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