Thursday, May 9, 2024

Quintessence - Self (1972 uk, marvelous raga psych prog rock, 2008 bonus tracks remaster)

"Self" emerged a delight regardless, chiefly courtesy of the live second side that caught the band in full flight at Exeter University. Despite being just two songs long (""Freedom"" and ""Water Goddess""), the performance rolls back the years so effectively that the faintly workaday weight of side one is barely even relevant to the album's glory. There, of course, the band's customary blending of Indian mantra and jazzy heartbeats is as eclectic as ever, and the only downside is that the group has not really moved on from its original vision. 
by Dave Thompson
1. Cosmic Surfer - 3:49
2. Wonders Of The Universe - 4:13
3. Vishnu-Narain - 6:25
4. Hallelujad - 4:15
5. Celestial Procession - 1:20
6. Self - 3:08
7. Freedom  - 6:44
8. Water Goddess  - 14:26
9. You Never Stay The Same - 6:16
10.Sweet Jesus - 2:57
All compositions by Allan Mostert, Ronald Rothfield, Richard Vaughan, Jake Milton, Dave Codling, Phil Jones
Tracks 7,8 recorded live at Essex University, December 11, 1971
Bonus Tracks 9,10 from 45' single

*Allan Mostert - Lead Guitar
*Ronald Rothfield “Raja Ram” - Flute
*Richard Vaughan “Sambhu Babaji” - Bass
*Jake Milton - Drums
*Dave Codling "Maha Dev" - Rhythm Guitar
*Phil Jones "Shiva" - Vocals, Keyboards
*Simon Lanzon - Piano (Track 2)