Friday, April 25, 2014

Goodthunder - Goodthunder (1972 us, solid heavy prog rock)

Goodthunder were a heavy progressive five piece from Los Angeles, comprising of James Cahoon Lindsay (lead vocals, percussion), John Desautels (drums), David Hanson (guitars, vocals), Bill Rhodes (bass) & Wayne Cook (keyboards). Their short-lived existence produced only one album, 1972's 8 track, eponymous debut, released through Continental records, a sub division of Elektra.

Their album is now largely forgotten and certainly didn't attempt to break new ground within the field of Californian bands writing hard, guitar oriented art-rock with a progressive/ psychedelic edge, during the early 70's. That said, the musicianship behind the crunchy guitars, driving bass-lines and underpinning Hammond organ rhythms, demonstrate a more than competent level of proficiency. Indeed, the construction of their more progressive tracks (such as 'Barking At The Ants', the stand-out track of the album) leave one wondering what might have been, with a couple more albums under their belts.

This album would appeal to those who enjoy their traditional, heavy progressive rock with an overtly melodic, pre-AOR commercial feel in the vein of early Angel & White Witch, mixed with Deep Purple, High Tide & Uriah Heep classic rock, with the odd touch of Allman Brothers quirkiness.
by Jared Butcher
1. I Can't Get Thru To You (Wayne Cook, James Cahoon Lindsay) - 3:18
2. For A Breath (Steven Forster, John Desautels) - 5:35
3. Moonship (Wayne Cook, Greg Phifer, James Cahoon Lindsay) - 2:46
4. Home Again (David Hanson, James Cahoon Lindsay - 6:48
5. Sentries (David Hanson, James Cahoon Lindsay, Terry Linvell) - 2:36
6. P.O.W. (David Hanson, John Desautels) - 6:50
7. Rollin Up My Mind (Wayne Cook) - 4:11
8. Barking At The Ants (David Hanson) - 6:39

*James Cahoon Lindsay - Lead Vocals, Percussion
*John Desautels - Drums
*David Hanson - Guitars, Vocals
*Bill Rhodes - Bass Guitar
*Wayne Cook - Keyboards