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Splinter - Harder to Live (1975 uk, wonderful folk soft rock, 2015 korean remaster)

Splinter's second release on Dark Horse had a lot less involvement from George Harrison, which is felt throughout the album. This means that the album is not as strong as their debut (1974's The Place I Love), but it is still a very good album. Splinter is comprised of Bill Elliot and Bobby Purvis, both vocalists, who create a beautiful harmony together. They also managed to form a tight, talented, and famous backup band, arranged by the ever-talented Tom Scott (who also contributes musically). 

Included in the band is Chris Spedding providing strong guitar, and Harrison, who contributes production and guitar (under the name Hari Georgeson) to the wonderful and moving "Lonely Man," which was also the theme to Harrison's first venture into film producing, Little Malcom and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs. It is also co-written by Mal Evans and is by far the strongest track on the album. Other highlights include the beautiful "Green Line Bus" and "Berkley House Hotel," which harkens back to the folk sound of their debut. 
by Aaron Badgley
1. Please Help Me - 2:39
2. Sixty Miles Too Far - 4:07
3. Harder To Live - 3:21
4. Half Way There - 2:59
5. Which Way Will I Get Home - 3:57
6. Berkley House Hotel - 3:22
7. After Five Years - 3:09
8. Green Line Bus - 4:03
9. Lonely Man (Bobby Purvis, Malcolm Evans) - 5:31
10.What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself) (Bobby Purvis, Bill Elliott) - 3:42
All compositions by Bobby Purvis except where stated

*Bill Elliott - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals
*Bobby Purvis - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals
*Bill Dickinson - Bass
*Hari Georgeson (George Harrison) - Guitar
*Jim Keltner - Drums
*Ralph MacDonald - Percussion
*Bill Nuttycombe - String Concertmaster
*Earl Palmer - Drums And Percussion
*Billy Preston - Organ
*Tom Scott - Synthesizer, Percussion, Horns
*Chris Spedding - Guitar
*John Taylor - Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
*Waddy Wachtel - Guitar

1974  Splinter - The Place I love (2008 bonus tracks remaster) 

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