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Doris Troy - Doris Troy (1970 uk, wonderful groovy rhythm and blues with some folk shades, 2010 extra tracks remaster)

Doris Troy is a rollicking party album, and this particular party included Harrison, labelmate Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills, Peter Frampton and Klaus Voormann! All of those estimable talents, however, took a back seat to the lady with the smoky voice which could be gritty one minute, velvety the next.

It was clear that Troy had evolved musically since the days of “Just One Look.” Harrison’s powerful electric guitar licks on “Give Me Back My Dynamite” couldn’t be further removed from that soul classic. Yet Troy didn’t turn her back on those halcyon days of just a few years earlier; she revisited “Hurry,” which she first recorded at Atlantic, for Doris Troy. If “Dynamite” is rocking soul, Stephen Stills’ “Special Care” was reworked from Buffalo Springfield’s folk-psych into pure R'n'B heaven. 

On Doris Troy, the singer treats all songs with equal respect, regardless of origin; the Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh standard “Exactly Like You” is taken to the same gospel church as her cover of Joe South’s “Games People Play.” (Spiritual “Jacob’s Ladder” even closes the album on a rousing high note.) On “Gonna Get My Baby Back,” Troy jams with two Beatles (Harrison and Starkey) and Stills for a track that would make a great sing-along, if only one could possibly keep up with Doris’ insistent vocals!

The original CD release boasted five bonus tracks; all five have been retained, and are supplemented with one additional cut, an alternate version of “All That I’ve Got.” Troy sings “You Give Me Joy Joy” (another Troy/Harrison/Starkey/Stills co-write!) on the album, but joy – singly or doubly – is assuredly what this album will bring to any classic soul fan.
by Joe Marchese
1. Ain't That Cute (George Harrison, Doris Troy) - 3:50
2. Special Care (Stephen Stills) - 3:00
3. Give Me Back My Dynamite (George Harrison, Doris Troy) - 4:56
4. You Tore Me Up Inside (Doris Troy, Ray Schinnery) - 2:33
5. Games People Play (Joe South) - 3:06
6. Gonna Get My Baby Back (George Harrison, Richard Starkey, Doris Troy, Stills) - 2:20
7. I've Got To Be Strong (Jackie Lomax, Doris Troy) - 2:36
8. Hurry (Doris Troy, Greg Carroll) - 3:13
9. So Far (Klaus Voormann, Doris Troy) - 4:28
10.Exactly Like You (Jimmy Mchugh, Dorothy Fields) - 3:10
11.You Give Me Joy Joy (George Harrison, Starkey, Doris Troy, Stephen Stills) - 3:42
12.Don't Call Me No More (Doris Troy, Ray Schinnery) - 2:07
13.Jacob's Ladder (Traditional Arranged George Harrison, Doris Troy) - 3:21
14.All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) (Billy Preston, Doris Troy) - 4:19
15.Get Back (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 3:08
16.Dearest Darling (Doris Troy) - 3:04
17.What You Will Blues (Doris Troy) - 5:07
18.Vaya Con Dios (Larry Russell, Inez James, Buddy Pepper) - 3:33
19.All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) (Alternative Version) (Billy Preston, Doris Troy) - 3:24
Bonus Tracks 14-19

*Doris Troy - Vocals, Piano
*George Harrison - Electric Guitar
*Klaus Voormann - Bass
*Ringo Starr - Drums
*Billy Preston - Piano, Organ, Electric Piano
*Stephen Stills - Electric Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Peter Frampton - Electric Guitar
*Alan White - Drums
*Eric Clapton - Electric Guitar
*Delaney Bramlett - Percussion
*Bonnie Bramlett - Percussion
*Leon Russell - Keyboards
*Bobby Whitlock - Vocals
*Jim Gordon - Drums
*Rita Coolidge - Vocals
*John Barham - String, Brass Arrangements

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