Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Viola Crayola - Music: Breathing Of Statues (1974 us, spectacular experimental prog jazz rock)

A real stunner of an album from Texan band Viola Crayola. Fronted by the Viola brothers, Tony and Ron, the group, whose music is often described as hard guitar prog-psych, a crossline between Zappa and Soft Machine, looked destined for success until the untimely death of Tony in a auto-train crash in San Antonio, Texas in 1974. 

Music: Breathing Of Statues is the brothers only known recording, and what a record it is, with its wild prog instrumental power-trio vibe and a strong jazzy fusion sound running throughout. The album, which was recorded in New York in 1974 and released the same year, appeared on the Fautna label, a label so obscure that it doesn't seem to have existed at all.
1 Mr. Leroy, Pepe' Is Lost - 4:15
2 The Bus To New York - 4:47
3 I Know You Don't Have A Car, But What Color Is It? - 5:14
4 2+1 - 2:38
5 The Nurds At My School - 2:57
6 You're Drivin' Me Crazy With Relief - 2:44
7 The Last One On Earth - 3:22
8 What Is the Meaning Of Love? - 1:57
Music composed by Anthony Viola

Viola Crayola
*Anthony Viola - Guitar
*Ron Viola - Drums
*Bill Jolly - Bass

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