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Lobby Loyde - Obsecration (1976 australia, astonishing hard guitar feast, 2006 digipak remaster)

Lobby Loyde was born John Baslington Lyde on 18 May 1941 in Longreach, Central Queensland, Australia. He passes away from lung cancer with his favourite black Gibson guitar by his side on 21 April 2007 at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Her mother was a classically trained pianist, and his father was a jazz trumpeter as a teenager he joined them in country town performances in outback Queensland. He attended Moorooka State School with young Billy Thorpe and both were, bullied in the Queensland state school system. Down the path, they would meet again through music and friendship.

Mick Hadley and Bob Dames both originally came from England and both decided to migrate to Australia in 1963. They both formed a rhythm and blues band The Impacts in Brisbane, Queensland with Scottish-born Fred Pickard including local musicians Barry Lyde from Stilettos and Adrian Redmond in 1964.

Lobby Loyde’s second solo album, Obsecration was released in May 1976 with Rainbird. One thing is certain his beautiful, at times heavy yet always unique psych-rock guitar work is the main feature throughout. With a solo single, Do You Believe in Magic? / Love Lost on Dream Tides in December 1975. Digitally remastered Obsecration is packaged in a 6-panel digipak and has 6-bonus tracks and many rare photos with liner notes. Re-issued on 28 August 2006 with Aztec Records.

Featuring an incredibly eclectic and diverse assortment of music, all up a magnificent album of guitar explorations and textures, a thematic collection of riffs, runs, rhythms and timing shifts taking the listener through a wide range of moods and styles. If anything, it lacked a commercial focus but as we’ve seen Loyde was well and truly beyond working within commercial considerations at the time. One thing is certain: his beautiful, at times heavy yet always unique psych-rock guitar work is the main feature throughout. 
1. Obsecration Parts A to D - 17:30
.a.Play My Guitar
2. A Rumble With Seven Parts And Lap Dissolve - 5:12
3. Rock And Roll Sunset - 1:58
4. Lobby Loyde Dreamtide - 14:42
5. Goin’ To Louisianna - 7:46
6. Congratulateonies - 0:47
7. Do You Believe In Magic - 3:58
8. Love Lost On Dream-Tides - 4:25
9. Gypsy In My Soul - 5:47
10.Too Poor To Die - 4:30
11.Desperate For A Quid - 2:21
12.Fist Of Is - 9:55
.a.At The Colosseum
.b.The Fist Falls
All compositions by Lobby Loyde
Tracks 1-6 from "Obsecration" LP 1976
Tracks 7-8 from 45' Single, 1975
Tracks 9-12 from Previously Unreleased from " Too Poor To Die" EP

*Lobby Loyde - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Bass 
*James D. Thompson - Drums 
*Graham Morgan - Drums 
*Janis Miglans - Bass
*John (Deysey) Dey - Keyboards
*Paul Dixon - Sax, Clarinet
*Andrew Fordham - Acoustic, Electric Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
*Mandu - Vocals 
*Art Redbourne - Guitar, Vocals 
*Cypra Helmer - Manic Voice Of Despair