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White Witch - White Witch (1972 us, fine glam prog rock)

Having previously played in Noah's Ark, The Outsiders and The Soul Trippers, lead guitarist Buddy Richardson pulled White Witch together in the early 1970s. A series of auditions saw the band gel around the talents of Richardson, bassist Beau Fisher, singer Ronn Goedert, keyboardist Buddy Pendergrass and drummer Bobby Shea.  A steady stream of tours attracted a small cult following and the attraction of Capricorn Records which signed the band even though they lacked any type of management agreement. 

Bass player Charlie Souza and keyboard player Buddy Pendergrass were both veterans of The Fabulous Tropics, a band that scored an American number 1 with 'Take The Time'. Souza had also performed as part of the Gregg Allman band on his 'Laid Back' album, Florida's Bacchus and With Cactus. White Witch also inducted drummer Bill Peterson, another ex-Bacchus man, for 1973's 'Spiritual Greetings'.

Vocalist Ron Goedert later cut a solo album. Souza later joined Tom Petty, Galeforce and Fortress. He has also been a member of Sly And The Family Stone and worked with ex-Santana man Leon Patillo.

Souza and Pendergrass reactivated The Fabulous Tropics in 1999. Ron Goedert passed away on 16th July 2000.
1. Parabrahm Greeting/ Dwellers Of The Threshold (Beau Fisher, Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass, Buddy Richardson, Bobby Shea) - 3:04
2. Help Me Lord  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:07
3. Don't Close Your Mind  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 6:45
4. You're The One   (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:03
5. Sleepwalk (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 4:27
6. Home Grown Girl (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:05
7. And I'm Leaving  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:00
8. Illusion  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 5:11
9. It's So Nice To Be Stoned  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:54
10.Have You Ever Thought Of Changing?/ Jackson Slade  (Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass) - 3:55
11.The Gift (Beau Fisher, Ronn Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass, Buddy Richardson, Bobby Shea) - 1:45

The White Witch
*Buddy Richardson - Guitars
*Robert Shea - Drums
*Ron Goedert - Vocals
*Hardin Pendergrass - Keyboards
*Loyall Fischer - Bass

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