Friday, December 31, 2021

Daniel - Phoenix (1976-78 us, fine mix of folk prog and classic rock, 2001 remaster)

In 1974 his producer said: “Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar!“ This Russian rooted Californian is for sure the wildest rock cellist of the 70/s. The history from this record goes back to 1971 when Daniel started to write the music. Classically trained he began to play instruments at age of 5 and toured a lot as a professional musician. The recordings of his 10 original cuts started in 1976, to be released in 1979 as very limited demo release to apply for a record deal (which not happened).

The music ranges from poetic dramatic “chanson-like” ballads to powerful Rock/n/Roll with awesome guitar assaults, incredibly heavy cello-sounds and Daniel/s outstanding voice

Late '70's album by this US solo artist who played Cello and worked with various artists including Cat Stevens. A diverse album mixing folk, hard rock and typical '70's singer songwriter material this is a fine album crossing various musical borders. There is some great guitar work, orchestration and evocative songs. Includes booklet with full information and lyrics.

"This album was a demo only release by Daniel in 1979 to send out to record companies. He started to write the music in 1971, recorded in 76-78 -- only a few copies are known of this great and unique record. The music ranges from fantastic acid folk to full blown psychedelic creepers with heavy cello -- and furious fuzz guitar assaults. His producer/s voice: 'Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar'! Now he is a movie actor and producer in Hollywood, known as Jason D. Holt. 
1. Get Ready To Rip - 3:18
2. On A Mountain - 4:24
3. Debra - 3:58
4. Real Fine Woman - 4:21
5. Saddened And Alone Again - 5:22
6. Have You Walked In The Sun - 3:38
7. Love Balloons - 2:58
8. Member Of My Tribe - 4:20
9. Sooner Or Later - 2:57
10.It's You Babe - 5:01
11.Sooner Or Later - 3:06
12.Debra - 3:20
Words and Music by Jason D. Holt

*Daniel - Vocals, Cello
*Ed Van Fleet - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Piano
*John Wilson - Percussion