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Guns 'n' Butter - Guns 'n' Butter (1972 us, fine jazzy progessive rock, Flawed Gems 2011 reissue)

This awesome but underrated record from this unjustly forgotten US band from Boston was released on Cotillion Records in 1972 and contained very ambitious, well-arranged and truly inspired, jazzy progessive rock with memorable and complex tracks, full of interesting ideas. 

Their music was characterized by fine electric guitar and Hammond phrases mixed with excellent and intensive violin, flute and sax solo parts. Because the Guns & Butter line-up was predominantly Jewish, there was more than a hint of traditional Jewish music in thier sound, which gave them a unique and distinctive sound. This beautifully varied and simply stunning music can be compared to early Kansas, Jethro Tull and Darryl Way's Wolf. Unfortunately the record went completely unnoticed and as a result the band split up.
1. I Am - 4:23
2. Time Has Wings - 2:54
3. Look At The Day - 2:38
4. Sometimes - 8:32
5. It Can't Go On Like This - 3:10
6. Our Album - 3:04
7. Lady Grey - 3:48
8. Family - 2:33
9. Elysium's Butterfly Comes - 2:33
10.The Wanderer - 5:26

Guns 'n' Butter 
*Jeff Lyons - Vocals
*Lenny Federer - Violin, Viola
*Paul Cohen - Guitar
*Richard Ploss - Flute Saxophones
*Peter Cohen - Bass
*Peter Tucker - Drums

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Lost Nation - Paradise Lost (1970 us, stunning hard progressive rock, Flawed Gems reissue)

Lost Nation were formed in Detroit, Michigan, their sole album "Paradise Lost", originally released 1970 in the US on Rare Earth RS 518. Late psych album , crossing over to progressive rock with some of the organ/guitar jams. Recalls another Michigan group - the more known SRC, especially on their "Traveler's Tale" album. Album is melodic in a heavy style with plenty of organ, including Hammond B3. Great riffing and soloing and always fun, in the style of what people now call “proto-prog”. 

Essentially it is an amalgam of late psych rock, early Prog and hard rock. There were lots of bands from the period 1968-71 that encompassed these three elements, played in an atmosphere of early Deep Purple with a touch of Beggars Opera, lots of tasty guitar improvisation! remind me of most, this is a real killer in case you are into US hard psych into prog albums. Stunning tracks and musicianships. 7 minutes "She'll Take You" is nothing else then a monster!. Mandatory purchase for any lover of rock music of 1970!
by Adamus67
1. Tall Ivory Castle (L. Zelanka, R. Stults) - 4:48
2. Rome (L. Zelanka, R. Stults) - 4:05
3. Little Boy (C. Webb, R. Stults) - 4:27
4. Images (C. Webb, R. Stults) - 6:50
5. Seven Minute Woman (C. Webb, R. Stults) - 5:05
6. Shadows Within You (L. Zelanka, R. Stults) - 4:36
7. She'll Take You (C. Webb, R. Stults) - 7:14
8. Falling Inside My Mind (L. Zelanka, R. Stults) - 7:17

Lost Nation
*Art Wolfe - Bass
*Ron Fuller - Drums
*Craig Webb - Guitar
*Larry Zelanka - Keyboards, Organ
*Ron Stults - Vocals

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