Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guns 'n' Butter - Guns 'n' Butter (1972 us, fine jazzy progessive rock, Flawed Gems 2011 reissue)

This awesome but underrated record from this unjustly forgotten US band from Boston was released on Cotillion Records in 1972 and contained very ambitious, well-arranged and truly inspired, jazzy progessive rock with memorable and complex tracks, full of interesting ideas. 

Their music was characterized by fine electric guitar and Hammond phrases mixed with excellent and intensive violin, flute and sax solo parts. Because the Guns & Butter line-up was predominantly Jewish, there was more than a hint of traditional Jewish music in thier sound, which gave them a unique and distinctive sound. This beautifully varied and simply stunning music can be compared to early Kansas, Jethro Tull and Darryl Way's Wolf. Unfortunately the record went completely unnoticed and as a result the band split up.
1. I Am - 4:23
2. Time Has Wings - 2:54
3. Look At The Day - 2:38
4. Sometimes - 8:32
5. It Can't Go On Like This - 3:10
6. Our Album - 3:04
7. Lady Grey - 3:48
8. Family - 2:33
9. Elysium's Butterfly Comes - 2:33
10.The Wanderer - 5:26

Guns 'n' Butter 
*Jeff Lyons - Vocals
*Lenny Federer - Violin, Viola
*Paul Cohen - Guitar
*Richard Ploss - Flute Saxophones
*Peter Cohen - Bass
*Peter Tucker - Drums

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  1. This Lucky recently, very rare the first and only album of one of the most underrated American formation Released in 1972 by label Atlantic / Cotillion, recorded in Canada LP contains contains genuinely thrilling, playing with elements of progressive easily catchy, traditional Jewish music. At times, full of mood changes and often a motive Guns & Butter music sounds like an early, more lyrical Kansas (violin), although comparisons to the early Jethro Tull (much flute) and Wolf also influences. Generally, it is a great playing and as a matter of music unique. This Boston ou tift's proto prog moves sound both curiously dated for their release date and totally gripping with 40 years hindsight, with a horn-centric and violin laced approach that jibes more with the moves of UK groups from a few years earlier, like East Of Eden, Titus Groan and Blodwyn Pig than much else going on State side, save perhaps It's A Beautiful Day.
    But now with a sense of deep satisfaction report: Boston sextet give odds to many British proto-prog bands. And the sound they are not American! - More English. The main strength album are song The compositions are great, well thought-arranged and hear in the same breath. Wants to highlight these mini-masterpieces as 'Time Has Wings', 'Lady Grey', 'Family', as well as the staggering 8-minute 'Sometimes', the fourth piece on LP. Very ,very good vocal penetration (Jeff Lyons). The drama from the first second to the last support flute caks (Richard Ploss), competing with both poignant violin (Lenny Federer) and with each other. As a result of this fight ends with a score 10:10 (it is so much music in the disc.) Guitar solo almost seen, but the power of her presence (Paul Cohen) is felt everywhere. Boldly would include them in the "Suit" on the part of the proto-prog would take a "blind".

    Thx Marios! :)