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Ricotti And Albuquerque - First Wind (1971 uk, remarkable jazz blues prog rock, Vinyl edition)

Michael de Albuquerque was born June 24th, 1947 in Wimbledon and was ELO's bass player and backing vocalist. He worked more as a backing vocalist during live performances than on the albums in addition to being a bass player from July 1972 to September 1974. His first appearance was with the "28 Choir" at the Royal Albert Hall, at the age of nine. He was educated in Worth Abbey, Sussex, and Downside School, Somerset, and his first professional appearance was at the Marquee in London in 1970.

Frank Ricotti (born 13 January 1949 in London England. was into a musical family and followed in his drummer-father’s footsteps by taking up percussion. Educational facilities were limited but fortunately Ricotti came to the attention of Bill Ashton, then a teacher in London. With Ashton’s encouragement, Ricotti was able to extend his studies (and, inspired by Ricotti, Ashton embarked on a project that eventually became the National Youth Jazz Orchestra). Although adept on most percussion instruments, Ricotti concentrated upon the vibraphone and also developed his talents as a composer and arranger. In the late 60s and early 70s Ricotti played and recorded with Neil Ardley, Dave Gelly, Graham Collier, Mike Gibbs, Stan Tracey and Gordon Beck. By the late 70s Ricotti had become established as a studio musician; during the following decade he was deeply involved in the soundtrack music for a succession of popular British television series by Alan Plater, including The Beiderbecke Affair. Also in the 80s he was co-leader, with Chris Laurence and John Taylor, of Paragonne.

Michael de Albuquerque together with Frank Ricotti  in 1971 recorded "First Wind" as Ricotti And Albuquerque.  Michael who had written most of the material played the guitar on this album and was the lead vocalist. The album was very much influenced by blues and jazz, with a sleeve designed by Jane de Albuquerque, Michael's wife. In addition to his recording with Frank Ricotti, he also earned money as a session musician. Prior to and after the recording sessions for "ELO 2", Michael de Albuquerque recorded his first solo album "We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names" which was released on RCA in 1973. He had written all the songs, played the piano, guitar, and co-produced the album. "Do Right" was released as a single, but unfortunately it did not make the charts.
1. Ratsa (Don't Know Why) (John Taylor) - 4:45
2. Lo And Behold (James Taylor) - 3:18
3. Go Out And Get It (Michael de Albuquerque) - 3:48
4. Don't You Believe Me (John Taylor, Michael de Albuquerque) - 5:12
5. New York Windy Day (Michael de Albuquerque) - 4:36
6. Bobo's Party (Melanie Safka) - 6:07
7. Didn't Wanna Have To Do It (John Sebastian) - 3:10
8. Old Ben Houston (Michael de Albuquerque) - 3:03
9. The Wind Has No Love (Colin Gleadell, Michael de Albuquerque) - 3:56
10.Give A Damn (Bob Dorough, Stuart Scharf) - 3:57

*Mike de Albuquerque - Guitar, Vocals
*Chris Laurence - Bass
*John Taylor - Electric Piano
*Frank Ricotti - Vibraphone
*Trevor Tomkins - Drums

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