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Frumpy - By The Way (1972 germany, excellent heavy bluesy prog rock, Repertoire issue)

Frumpy - By the Way, the title track of their third album, released in 1972. Frumpy evolved out of a gospel/folk outfit called The City Preachers in Hamburg, Germany in early 1970. They were one of the many fantastic bands to emerge from the "Krautrock" scene that was blossoming at the time. 

Frumpy, though, were pretty unique, in that their music encompassed elements of folk, jazz, blues, progressive rock and classical music. Led by the dynamic Inga Rumpf ( vocals, acoustic guitar,songwriter extraordinaire), they also employed the services of Jean Jacques Kravetz, an excellent French keyboard player in the Keith Emerson mould. Bassist Karl-Heinz Schott and drummer Carsten Bohn completed the initial line-up, which was augmented by former Sphinx Tush guitarist Rainer Baumann from their second album, "Frumpy 2", onward. 

Their second album is widely felt to be their best album, with some elaborate and extensive instrumental work, guitar and keyboard duets. with classical and blues undertones. This album, " By the Way", showed that Frumpy could rock with the best. It is, without doubt, one of the best progessive rock albums of all time, and should occupy a space in the collection of any self respecting lover of progressive rock music. 

When Frumpy folded in 1972, Rumpf would go onto form "Atlantis" with Schott and Kravetz, together with drummer Curt Cress and guitarist Frank Diez. Frumpy reformed in the late eighties, and Inga Rumpf has become a successful blues and jazz singer. This lady has incredible talent and her songwriting ability always was one of her major strengths.

1. Goin' To The Country (I. Rumpf) - 3:40
2. By The Way (C. Bohn, I. Rumpf) - 8:51
3. Singing Songs (I. Rumpf, R. Baumann) - 7:02
4. I'm Afraid Big Moon (C. Bohn, I. Rumpf, J.J. Kravetz) - 6:25
5. Release (C. Bohn, I. Rumpf) - 8:50
6. Keep On Going (I. Rumpf) - 5:25

*Inga Rumpf - Vocals, Guitar
*Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Keyboards
*Karl Heinz Schott - Bass
*Carsten Bohn - Drums

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Junipher Greene - Friendship (1971 norway, groovy heavy psych)

Junipher Greene was founded in 1966 in Oslo, Norway by Geir Bøhren (drums, vocals), Øyvind Vilbo (guitar), Bent Åserud (flute, guitar, keyboard, vocals) and Bjørn Sønstevold (bass guitar) as a blues band. Bjørn Sønstevold quit the band a few months later with Øyvind Vilbo taking over as bass player, and with new member Helge Grøslie on organ the band developed into a more experimental progressive rock band.

The band released their first album, the double-LP Friendship, in 1971. It was one of the first progressive rock records from Norway and the very first Norwegian double-LP. The double-LP was seen as a daring move by their record company, which demanded that the band themselves had to cover half the cost of the release. The album has since become a staple record within Norwegian rock music.

The band played on the first Woodstock-inspired music festival at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo. This is where Friendship was played for the first time, which lead to their breakthrough. The band went on touring heavily in the early 70’s, both in Europe and Africa, as well as warming up for major bands like Deep Purple and Sweet.

Dahl and Grøslie quit the band in 1973. The remaining members went on to release Communication in 1974, when Vilbo shortly after also left the band. Bøhren and Åserud decided to continue, and together with the new members Lars Hesla og Jørun Bøgeberg the band released Rewind in 1981 and Forbudte formiddagstoner in 1982. Bøgeberg’s fascination with electronic music brought the band in a new direction towards new wave music. The band disbanded after releasing the single Slaraffenliv/Alla Toya in 1983.

Friendship was named Best Norwegian Rock Record by the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv in 2007. This lead to a reunion of the original members at the Storåsfestivalen music festival in 2008, and the band has since performed several concerts. 
1. Try To Understand (Freddy Dahl, Bent Åserud) - 4:50
2. Witches Daughter  (Åserud) - 3:28
3. Music For Our Children (Dahl, Åserud) -  6:40
4. A Spectre Is Haunting The Peninsula (Dahl, Grøslie, Åserud) - 2:52
5. Sunrise / Sunset (Grøslie) - 4:03
6. Magical Garden  (Åserud) - 7:09
7. Autumn Diary (Grøslie) - 1:53
8. Maurice (Junipher Greene) - 4:24
9. Attila's Belly-Dance (Junipher Greene) - 0:40
10.Friendship: Prelude: Take The Road Across The Bridge (Dahl, Åserud, Alex K. Carlsson) 6:12
11.Friendship (Contd.) (Dahl, Åserud, Alex K. Carlsson) - 19:48
.1.Friendship - 2:23
.2.Interlude - 0:55
.3.Mountain Voices - 4:53
.4.Land Of The Foxes/Friendship That's Earned - 3:02
.5.Into The Cloudburst - 2:57
.6.Manitou's Skylands & Down To Earth - 3:33
.7.Friendship - 2:03

Junipher Greene
*Helge Groslie - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
*Bent Aserud - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Flute, Harp, Vocals
*Oyvind Vilbo - Bass, Vocals
*Geir Bohren - Drums, Vocals
*Freddy Dahl - Lead Vocals, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vibraharp

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