Monday, December 5, 2016

Omnibus - Omnibus (1970 us, magnificent organ drivin fuzzy psych rock, 2005 edition)

Produced by brothers Eric and Steven Nathanson, 1970's "Omnibus" served as a showcase for Wegrzyn. In addition to serving as lead vocalist, he was responsible for writing or co-writing all 12 numbers. Whether you were impressed depended on how you felt about the band's derivative sound. Propelled by Wegrzyn's achy voice and organ and horn-propelled material, the band's Doors-meets-Blood, Sweat and Tears catalog struck us as an acquired taste. While occasionally mildly entertaining ("Shake It Off" and the fuzz-guitar powered "Understand"), the majority of the set was simply rather bland. As far as we can tell, the album failed to provide credits for the band members.
1. The Man Song (R. Wegrzyn) - 3:26
2. It's All In Your Heart (R. Wegrzyn) - 6:03
3. Shake It Off (R. Wegrzyn) - 3:58
4. Understand (R. Wegrzyn) - 3:52
5. Above Me (R. Wegrzyn) - 2:45
6. Den of Sin (R. Wegrzyn) - 2:10
7. Boogus Black And White (R. Wegrzyn) - 5:08
8. Spring (R. Wegrzyn, J. Polt) - 3:02
9. Winding Thru Your Heart (R. Wegrzyn) - 2:30
10.Harmony (R. Wegrzyn) - 2:32
11.Big Daddy Slave (R. Wegrzyn, A. Raimondi) - 2:37
12.Tired of Screamin' (R. Wegrzyn) - 2:46

The Omnibus
*J. Polt
*A. Raimondi
*R. Wegrzyn - Vocals, Organ

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