Monday, May 22, 2017

Weight - One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweat Hog (1970 us, remarkable melt of psych blues and classic rock, 2016 korean remaster)

Weight consisted of Brian Cassidy (vocals-bass), Peter Masi (vocals-keyboards-guitar-harmonica), Toni Christmas (guitar-vocals), and Noel Cassidy (drums-washboard-vocals).

The album described in some circles as “progressive psych” starts off with “The Night The Pig Got Loose”, featuring a hilarious account of a drug bust told in an Arlo Guthrie sort of way, and then shifts to a ballad musically similar to Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released” with the weird title of “Mr.M, Mr.N, and Mr.C (With Help From Mr.D)” (maybe the Mr.D is Dylan they’re referring to).

As the album progresses, it has some nice guitar/organ interplay similar in style to the Allman Brothers, so it leans to Southern Rock as much as it does to a progressive style. 
by Max Collodie
1. The Night The Pig Got Loose - 4:37
2. Mr. M, Mr. N. And Mr. C (With Help From Mr. D) - 4:27
3. I'm Sure We're Gonna Die - 8:53
4. Overhead Ego - 3:47
5. Disillusion # 1 - 3:00
6. Open Up Your Gate - 3:38
7. The Reason Why We're Here - 5:23
All songs by Peter Masi

The Weight
*Brian Cassidy - Vocals, Bass
*Noel Cassidy - Drums, Washboard, Vocals
*Toni Christmas - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Masi - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica

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