Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bodine - Bodine (1969 us, exceptional country rural rock funky soulful psych)

Bodine is as solid as it gets, loaded with tunes as good as anything played on classic rock radio today. You would think that stations would be interested in expanding their content with picks from the vast piles of unknown classics (Bodine included), but it’s still the same old hits, recycled day after day, some 40 years later. In any case, this little lost gem, produced by Bill Cowsill, is a strong promise from a band that would disappear after just one release.

The sound is influenced by country rock, with rural acoustic guitar driving back seat to funk bass lines and stabbing double tracked guitars. But the song structures have Ray Davies-ian 3-part movements and a strong Beatles influence, especially on the bouncy Statues Of Clay. Apart from this review, I think the vocal harmonies are cool, the backups strangely adding “eee’s” to the excellent Easy To See and trading vocal leads easily standing next to groups like Blood Sweat and Tears. It’s nice to find a record with a lotta soul made by some kids with seriously blue eyes.

I find it amazing a band so unknown could have such powerfully memorable songs, though not everything has aged wonderfully. Take It Back satisfies but teeters near television theme schmaltz. But the boys do manage to approach Jim Ford’s country funk on clear winners like Keep Lookin’ Through Your Window. If you give it a chance, you’ll find there really are no throwaways on Bodine’s only album.
by Brendan McGrath 
1. Short Time Woman (Eric Karl) - 3:44
2. Oakland (Kerry Magness) - 3:19
3. Into My Life (Eric Karl) - 2:55
4. Travelogue (Steve Lalor) - 3:07
5. It's Just My Way (Eric Karl) - 5:41
6. Easy To See (Steve Lalor) - 2:51
7. Take It Back (Eric Karl) - 3:22
8. Keep Lookin' Through Your Window (Eric Karl) - 3:47
9. Statues Of Clay (Steve Lalor) - 2:44
10.Long Way Just To Go Home (Eric Karl) - 2:56
11.Between The Lines (Steve Lalor) - 3:33
12.Disaster (Eric Karl) - 3:09

The Bodine
*Kerry Magness - Bass
*Jon Keliehor – Drums
*Eric Karl – Guitar
*David Brooks - Keyboards
*Steve Lalor – Guitar

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