Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Wigwam - Dark Album (1977 finland, excellent blend of prog straight rock, 2008 bonus tracks remaster)

Wigwam were the number one progressive rock band out of Finland in the 70's golden era of prog rock. Wigwam's Dark Album (1977) has a tumultuous production history. The original edition did not go past test pressing stage as the band's UK label Virgin rejected it. The band returned to the studio to create the final Dark Album which eventually was released only in Finland on Love Records, as Virgin were no longer interested.
1. Oh Marlene! (Jim Pembroke) - 4:52
2. Cheap Evening Return (Pekka Rechardt, Jim Pembroke) - 5:29
3. The Item Is The Totem (Pekka Rechardt, Mats Huldén) - 4:49
4. The Silver Jubilee (Jim Pembroke, Gerard Manley Hopkins) - 3:07
5. Horace's Aborted Rip-Off Scheme (Pekka Rechardt, Jim Pembroke) - 4:07
6. The Big Farewell (Pekka Rechardt, Jim Pembroke) - 6:28
7. The Vegetable Rumble (Pekka Rechardt, Jim Pembroke) - 5:02
8. Helsinki Nights (Jim Pembroke) - 4:02
9. Grass For Blades (Jim Pembroke) - 9:13
10.Daemon Duncetan's Request (Jim Pembroke) - 5:01

*Jim Pembroke - Vocals, Piano
*Pekka Rechardt - Guitar
*Måns Groundstroem - Bass
*Ronnie Österberg - Drums
*Jukka Gustavson - Organ 
*Pedro Hietanen - Keyboards, Accordion 
*Timo Kojo - Backing Vocals 
*Paavo Maijanen - Backing Vocals