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Love - Reel to Real 1974 (us, spectacular funky soul blues psych, 2015 deluxe edition)

" Reel to Real" album released by Arthur Lee’s Love in 1974, originally appeared on R.S.O.and basically sank without a trace. However, listening to this, you would think it would have crashed into the charts as it fit perfectly with the groove-oriented sound of the time; this is a much different, funkier (emphasis on funk) Love than was heard previously.

Kicking off with “Time Is Like A River”, the immediate thought is a mixture of the Hi Records/Willie Mitchell sound crossed with Curtis Mayfield; “Stop The Music” feels like a tribute to Otis Redding with its horn charts and overall feel (note the guitar textures and the arrangements) and “Good Old Fashion Dream” is in the same vein, albeit more upbeat. “With A Little More Energy” is a positive, groove oriented get-down with a lot of life in it; an interesting cover of William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful For What You Got” gets a very accurate reading and “Busted Feet” is a guitar powerhouse with a great funk-oriented rhythm.

From the bonus tracks, “Do It Yourself” has a deep funk/soul feel with some heavy duty guitars; “Somebody” is all guitars but the sound is dirty, raw and crisp and “Wonder People (I Do Wonder)”, rhythmically, calls back to “Alone Again Or” – while it’s a demo, it has a great texture and the jazziness along with the vibe makes it worthy to note. All in all, some very choice cuts for inclusion as bonus tracks.

I’m glad to see that Love is, indeed, finally, getting a lot more attention, recognition and respect long-overdue them. A vitally important band – and performer like Arthur Lee – needs to be held in the light for their amazing catalog. And let the late-period albums such as this NOT be overlooked; do your homework and pick up Love’s Reel To Real.
by Rob Ross
1. Time Is Like A River - 3:08
2. Stop The Music - 3:02
3. Who Are You - 3:07
4. Good Old Fashion Dream - 2:53
5. Which Witch Is Which? - 2:02
6. With A Little Energy - 2:57
7. Singing Cowboy (Arthur Lee, Jay Donnellan) - 3:08
8. Be Thankful For What You Got (William Devaughn) - 4:33
9. You Said You Would - 3:02
10.Busted Feet (Arthur Lee, Charles Karp) - 2:41
11.Everybody's Gotta Live - 3:24
12.Do It Yourself (Outtake) - 3:36
13.I Gotta Remember (Outtake) - 3:05
14.Somebody (Outtake) - 2:43
15.You Gotta Feel It (Outtake) - 3:37
16.With A Little Energy (Alternate Mix) - 3:11
17.Busted Feet (Alternate Mix) (Arthur Lee, Charles Karp) - 4:23
18.You Said You Would (Single Mix) - 2:26
19.Stop The Music (Alternate Take) - 3:38
20.Graveyard Hop (Studio Rehearsal) - 1:50
21.Singing Cowboy (Alternate Take) (Arthur Lee, Jay Donnellan) - 3:50
22.Everybody’s Gotta Live (Electric Version) - 3:42
23.Wonder People (I Do Wonder) (Studio Rehearsal) - 5:25
All compositions by Arthur Lee exept where indicated

*Arthur Lee - Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
*Melvan Whittington - Guitar
*John Sterling - Guitar
*Sherwood Akuna - Bass
*Joe Blocker - Drums
*Robert Rozelle - Bass
*Buzzy Feiten - Lead Guitar
*Art Fox - Acoustic Guitar
*Harvey "The Snake" Mandel - Electric Guitars
*Joe Deaguro - Vocal, Vibes
*Bobby Lyle - Keyboards
*Gary Bell - Synthesizer
*Herman Mccormick - Conductor
*Wilber Brown, Fred Carter, John Clauder - Horns
*Alan Deville, Clifford Solomon, Billy Sprague - Horns
*Vanetta Fields, Jessica Smith And Carlena Williams - Vocals

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