Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Jarvis Street Revue - Mr. Oil Man (1970 canada, remarkable heavy acid psych 2000 digipak remaster with extra tracks)

The Jarvis Street Revue was formed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in the late 60's around the talents of, Tom Cruickshank, Wayne Faulconer, Tommy Horricks and George Stevenson. In 1970 the band released their only album, Mr. Oil Man which was recorded at DMG Sound Studios in Thunder Bay.

This official CD reissue of rare psychedelic classic from Canada. Remastered from the original tapes & supplemented by seven bonus tracks.

First release by Columbia Records in 1970 / Completely dried up Canadian heavy psych monster, with fantastic acid guitars throughout: The album is predominantly heavy rock with psychedelic overtones blended acid rock in The Who style and green politics anti-bussiness influence in the lyrics.
1. Mr Business Man (Tommy Horricks) - 2:38
2. Mr Oil Man (Stevenson, Faulconer, Horricks) - 13:10
3. 20 Years (George Stevenson) - 3:05
4. Sally's Hymn (George Stevenson) - 4:42
5. 300 South (Jordan) - 2:41
6. Heidi Ho (Wayne Faulconer) - 3:27
7.Sweet Susan (Jordan) - 2:23
8. Angela (Jordan) - 2:31
9. Mr Rock (Grashey) - 2:32
10.Uncle Benny (Tommy Horricks) - 3:39
11.I Believe In Freedom (George Stevenson) - 3:23
12.Sweet Eyed Satin Lady (Wayne Faulconer) - 3:41
13.Better Things To Do (Jordan) - 2:13
Bonus Tracks 7-13

The Jarvis Street Revue
*Tommy Horricks - Vocals
*Tom Cruickshank - Drums
*Wayne Faulconer - Guitar
*George Stevenson - Bass

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