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Mickey Jupp - Juppanese (1978 uk, solid boogie roots 'n' roll, pub rock, 2006 bonus tracks digipak remaster)

 Before he released his first solo album in 1978, Mickey Jupp's reputation as a songwriter had begun to grow, as pub rockers like Dr. Feelgood and Ducks Deluxe were covering his compositions. As a performer, Jupp didn't fare as well. The main problem with Juppanese, his first solo album, is his lifeless vocals. The first half of Juppanese was recorded with Rockpile, the rock & roll group fronted by guitarist Dave Edmunds and bassist Nick Lowe. Because Jupp's strength is standard three-chord rock & roll, the first side of the album works the best; while it never captures the joyous energy of Rockpile's best moments, it is considerably tighter and rawer than the slick second side, where Jupp's nondescript voice struggles to be heard amid the studio professionalism. 

Even though it features several of Jupp's finest songs, including "You'll Never Get Me up in One of Those" and "Old Rock 'n' Roller," Juppanese doesn't include "Switchboard Susan," arguably his best song. Rockpile recorded the backing track for the album, yet Jupp refused to sing on it. Nick Lowe kept the tape, recording his own vocals for the song; his version is included on his 1979 album Labour of Lust.
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
1. Making Friends - 3:23 
2. Short List - 3:26 
3. Old Time Rock'n'roller - 3:06 
4. School - 3:03 
5. If Only Mother - 2:58 
6. Down In Old New Orleans - 3:07 
7. You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those - 3:11 
8. Pilot - 3:47 
9. S.P.Y. - 3:20 
10.The Ballad Of Billy Bonney - 3:26 
11.Partir C'est Mourir Un Peu - 4:04 
12.Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse - 4:00
13.Don't Talk To Me - 3:23 
14.Junk In My Trunk - 2:58 
15.Nature's Radio - 3:24 
16.You Made A Fool Out Of Me - 4:09 
17.Be Stiff - 2:58
All songs by Mickey Jupp
Bonus tracks 13-17

*Mickey Jupp - Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar 
*Dave Edmunds - Guitar (Tracks 1-7)
*Billy Bremmer - Guitar (Tracks 1-7)
*Nick Lowe - Bass (Tracks 1-7)
*Terry Williams - Drums (Tracks 1-7) 
*Gary Brooker - Piano (Tracks 8-12)
*Bruce Lynch - Bass (Tracks 8-12) 
*Chris Spedding - Guitar (Tracks 8-12)
*Dave Mattacks - Drums (Tracks 8-12)
*Tim Renwick - Vocals, Guitar (Track 15)
*Mick Moody - Guitar (Track 15)
*Colin Gibson - Bass (Track 15)
*Henry Spinetti - Drums (Track 15
*Jimmy Jewell - Sax (Track 15)
*Peter Solley - Piano (Track 15)
*Glen Le Fleur - Percussion (Track 15)

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