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Alan Bown - Outward Bown (1968 uk, remarkable swinging psych rock r 'n' b, 2011 extra tracks remaster)

Outward Bown is the first album by the R&B/psych-pop ensemble led by English trumpeter Alan Bown, recorded in 1967 and released in 1968 on Music Factory.

One of the most popular club bands of the Swinging London era, the Alan Bown Set abruptly changed direction in the Summer of 1967, shedding their soul/R&B togs to reinvent themselves as flower power pop merchants the Alan Bown! Under this new guise, they cut one of the lost jewels of the British psychedelic pop scene, the magnificent Outward Bown. 

In this release features the original album plus obscure B-sides and alternative single versions. Pieced together from recording sessions that spanned the summer of 1967 to spring 1968, Outward Bown deftly embraces all points of the psychedelic pop compass, taking in proto-hard rock, blue-eyed mod soul and, perhaps most notably of all, the voguish toytown pop sound.
1. Toyland (Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 2:32
2. Magic Handkerchief (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister, Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 3:16
3. Mutiny (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:59
4. All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan) - 3:09
5. Sally Green (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 3:18
6. Penny For Your Thoughts (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 3:38
7. Story Book (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 3:09
8. Technicolor Dream (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:51
9. Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Lee Pearl, Lewis Bellin, Harvey Pearl) - 3:31
10.Violin Shop (Tony Catchpole) - 2:59
11.You're Not In My Class (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 3:33
12.My Girl The Month Of May (Dion DiMucci) - 2:45
13.Little Lesley (Single B Side,1968) (Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 2:10
14.We Can Help You (Single A Side,1967) (Alex Spyropoulos, Patrick Campbell-Lyons) - 2:25
15.Toyland (Single A Side,1967, Mono Mix) (Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 2:53
16.Technicolor Dream (Single B Side 1967, Mono Mix) (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:52
17.Penny For Your Thoughts (BBC Session, September 1967) (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:41
18.Technicolor Dream (BBC Session, September 1967) (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:59
19.My Girl The Month Of May (BBC Session, September 1967) (Dion DiMucci) - 3:06
20.Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies (BBC Session, November 1967) (Gary Alexander) - 2:56
21.Toyland (BBC Session, November 1967) (Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 2:32
22.Love Is A Beautiful Thing (BBC Session, Novovember 1967) (Lee Pearl, Lewis Bellin, Harvey Pearl) - 2:26
23.Magic Handkerchief (BBC Session, July 1968) (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister, Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 3:17
24.All Along The Watchtower (BBC Session, July 1968) (Bob Dylan) - 3:13
25.Gypsy Girl (BBC Session, June 1969) (Alan Bown, Jeff Bannister) - 2:02
26.Movie Star Baby (BBC Session, June 1969) (Tony Catchpole, Jess Roden) - 2:47
Bonus Tracks 13-26

*Alan Bown (Alan James Bown) - Trumpet
*Jess Roden - Vocals
*John Anthony Helliwell - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Recorder
*Jeff Bannister - Organ, Piano
*Tony Catchpole - Lead Guitar
*Stan Haldane - Bass Guitar
*Vic Sweeney - Drums

1965-67  The Alan Bown Set - Emergency 999 
1969  The Alan Bown! (2010 Esoteric remaster)
1970  Listen (2010 Esoteric remaster)
1971  Stretching Out (2010 Esoteric remaster)
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