Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride (1974 sweden, epic hard rockin' with strong guitar parts, 2005 bonus tracks digi pak remaster)

Neon Rose was formed in 1969 by bandmembers Roger, Piero and Benno under the name Spider; when Stanley Larsson joined the group in 1973 they took the name Neon Rose. Signing with Vertigo Records, their debut album was released in 1974, and was quickly followed with a sophomore effort early in 1975. 

Heavily influenced by early 70s like Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult, this is one of the Scandinavian hard rock gems that features growling vocals, lots of hard riffing guitars and pounding rhythm section. A must for 70's hardrockers, with 4 bonus tracks; "C'mon everybody (B side), "War song (Unreleased studio track), "Julia's Dream (Live)" and 'Love Rock (Live)". 
1. Sensation - 3:58
2. A Picture Of Me - 7:29
3. Love Rock - 4:45
4. Primo - 6:37
5. Let's Go And Get That Boy - 5:40
6. Julia's Dream - 6:24
7. A Dream Of Glory And Pride - 9:52
8. C'Mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) - 4:58
9. War Song (Lyrics by Dorothy Parker) - 5:41
10.Julia's Dream - 6:24
11.Love Rock - 4:57
All songs by Roger Holegård, Benno Mengarelli, Piero Mengarelli, Stanley Larsson except where indicated
Bonus Tracks 8-11 (Live recordings 10-11)

Neon Rose
*Roger Holegård - Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Benno Mengarelli - Bass, Vocals 
*Piero Mengarelli - Guitar (Tracks 1-9)
*Stanley Larsson - Drums
*Gunnar Hallin - Guitar (Tracks 10,11)
*Nalle Påhlsson - Vocals (Track 9)