Monday, September 19, 2022

Freddy Lindquist - Menu (1970 norway, noisy freak guitar rock, 2004 remaster)

Freddy Lindquist was a veteran of several Norwegian beat bands before embarking on his solo album in 1970. Moving on to heavy rock he produced an album in the classic vein of Cream and Taste - the comparison being even more apt as the addition of two help-mates made the band into a trio. The guitar-work on the opener 'Sundae Sellers' is very Clapton-influenced, although in no way just a copy-cat, and the jazzy 'Green And Pink Little Man' shows Lindquist is equally at home with hard rock. 'Shakaro' is a flute-led instrumental which nicely breaks up the album, before 'How Nice' re-introduces the guitar as the lead instrument for it's own showcase. 

In 1970 he gathered friends from the Club 7 environment and got free access to Arne Bendiksen's studio to record the now legendary album "Menu". Freddy Dahl (Junipher Greene), Calle Neumann, Espen Rud and Geir Wentzel, among others. - a bit of a star team. The result is one of the best Norwegian freak-rock albums of all time and a must for anyone interested in that sort of thing.

A heavy, heavy version of Los Bravos' 'Black Is Black' - done a la Vanilla Fudge - is one of the highlights of the album, but Lindquist's own offerings like 'Women Running Around' and 'Join In And Freak Out' are equally fine, and make this a truly excellent album. All the songs are sung in English, and have a definite British vibe to them, making them accessible to a worldwide audience. 
1. Sundae Sellers (Bent Birkholm) - 4:43
2. The Green And Pink Little Man (Freddy Lindquist) - 4:08
3. Ridin', Huggin' And Kissin' (Bent Birkholm, Freddy Lindquist) - 3:40
4. Sharako (Freddy Lindquist) - 3:42
5. How Nice (Keith Emerson) - 4:40
6. Black Is Black (Michelle Grainger, Steve Wadey, Tony Hayes) - 4:27
7. Woman Running Around (Bent Birkholm) - 5:48
8. Join In And Freak Out (Bent Birkholm, Freddy Lindquist) - 3:25

*Freddy Lindquist - Guitar, Bass, Flute, Percussion, Vocals
*Freddy Dahl - Vocals
*Espen Ruud - Drums
*Leif Jensen - Drums (Track 4)
*Kalle Neuman - Alto Saxophone