Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lovecraft - Valley Of The Moon (1970 us, awesome classic rock with country and psych shades, 2008 remaster)

Drummer Michael Tegza is the only original from two years prior when the band was H.P. Lovecraft on Phillips Records. For this 1970 Reprise release, they are dubbed Lovecraft and have abandoned the psychedelic Jefferson Airplane sound for a progressive Crosby, Stills & Nash-meets-Uriah Heep flavor. In 1975, drummer Tegza re-formed the band again and separated the two words, their Love Craft album, We Love You Whoever You Are, took things into an almost Santana-goes-soul direction. 

Valley Of The Moon is a surprisingly good album mixing leftover psychedelica with good harmonies. There are no throwaways here, just 11 fabulous songs, one better than the next. The arrangements are uniformly excellent, bolstered by superb playing from Tezga, guitarist Jim Donlinger, bassist Michael Been, and multi-instrumentalist Marty Grebb, formerly of the Buckinghams & Aorta,and soon after,the Fabulous Rhinestones. Every song was outstanding -tight musicianship, great vocals & just plain good songs.
1. We Can All Have It Together (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 3:55
2. Brother I Wonder (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 2:28
3. Love Has Come To Me (Marty Grebb) - 3:13
4. Will I Know When My Time Comes (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 3:00
5. Two Step Tussle (Marty Grebb) - 3:43
6. Take Me By The Hand (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 3:10
7. Lady Come Softly (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 2:35
8. The Dawn (Marty Grebb, Ken Wolfson) - 4:56
9. Never Gonna Go Back (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been, Michael Tegza) - 3:42
10.Dear (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 3:09
11.Hopefully We'll All Remain Together (Jim Donlinger, Michael Been) - 4:17

*Marty Grebb - Keyboards, Vocals
*Michael Been - Bass, Vocals
*Jim Donlinger - Guitar, Vocals
*Michael Tegza - Drums, Vocals