Monday, December 10, 2012

Classical M - Bad Guys The Complete Collection (1967-70 france, delirious provocative psych rock, 2005 release)

Classical M could have made a great album if given the chance. As it is, the songs contained on this disc make for a stunning collection, with the band’s psychedelic flourishes, outrageous melodies, and fantastic attention to production detail evident throughout. 

This profoundly original music was made in three short years (1967-1970): twenty-four delirious and provocative songs that establish Classical M as perhaps the best, and certainly the most intriguing French band of all time. 

Their offbeat sense of rhythm and harmony, the complex intertwining of voices, and perhaps more than anything, their unusual practice of trying to play all sorts of instruments—be they electronic or traditional—these elements make the music of this odd French trio unique and very special. 
by Vincent Tornatore
1. Love, Love Is There - 2:42
2. Gog Demagog (Pipo, G. Maruani, A. Maruani) - 2:53
3. Bad Guy - 4:02
4. The Way I Do Love You - 2:50
5. Such a Lovely Voice - 5:49
6. Once in a While (Demo Version) (G. Maruani, A. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 2:35
7. Music of the Rain (A.K.A. Mélodie de La Pluie) - 3:08
8. Decomplexion (Classical M) - 9:03
9. Ugly Room - 1:51
10.Ever Be My Friend? - 2:29
11.Paris Est une Ville d'Alcooliques - 4:39
12.J'Ai Décidé - 3:02
13.Le Romancier Tchèque - 3:10
14.J'Entends Les Étoiles (G. Maruani, A. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 4:06
15.Sisyphe - 2:06
16.C'est La Guerre (G. Maruani, A. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 2:16
17.Pauvre Cobaye (A.K.A. Cow-Boy) (G. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 1:40
18.Une Rivière Qui S'Égare (G. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 2:43
19.Un Jour de Chance (Demo Version) - 2:29
20.Love You One Another (G. Maruani, A. Maruani, H. Bratter) - 3:11
21.Marouanabab (Classical M) - 3:15
22.Love, Love Is There (Live) - 3:34
23.Le Métro (Live) - 2:17
24.Pop Club Session (Live) - 3:17
All songs by Guy Maruani and Andre Maruani except where indicated.

Classical M
*Guy Maruani - Lead Vocals, Flute, Harmonica, Percussion
*Andre Maruani - 12 string Guitar, Oud, Violin, Keyboards, Vocals
*Henri Bratter - Lead Guitar, Percussion

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