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John Dummer Blues Band - Cabal / John Dummer Band (1969 uk, stunning blues rock. 2010 double disc remaster)

The debut album “Cabal” owes more than a bit to the Kelly offspring, Dave and Jo Ann. Whose folks - affectionately known as Flo and Andy - run Dan's Cafe at Morden and serve the best soul food in South London Except Andy's superlative bread pudding is no more since a geezer started coming in who likes crusts - and it's not worth wasting the middle of the loaf on bread pudding.

Dave began playing guitar and singing blues round folk clubs after he came back from the States in 1966 He had knocked about with (well met, anyway) Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker in New York and when he got home says he couldn't face jobbing nine to five. Instead he soon built up a strong following in the clubs, and in 1967 made a big impression at the Dutch Blues Festival.

When he joined the band two years ago he hadn't played amplified blues at all, and his powerful guitar and vocal style today owe a lot to those early years of country blues playing. Dave's sister Jo Ann is undoubtedly the finest female blues artist in the country today. But along with her rare talent goes a strong fear of being manipulated and tied down. So she regularly turns down contractual offers from record companies even declined an invitation to join Canned Heat when they were over here recently.

T.S. McPhee - "Mac" to his mates sometimes conies up with staccatto monologues of disjointed words and phrases that can be as moving as his brilliant guitar playing But you'll probably only hear him on guitar Mac was the original guitarist with John Lee's Groundhogs. Has hacked lohn Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Lddie Boyd and limmy Reed during then British tours, and worked with lohn Mavall lorn time. John O'Leary  whom Champion Jack Dupree once called 'the best harp player since Sonny Boy Williamson was a founder member of Savov Brown Blues Band. And has an amazing collection of post-war blues records and old out-ol-ume harps which he doesn't use any more.

On rhythm section there's lain 'Thumper" Thomson on lender Precision hass. who just got his decree in sociology despite spending all his waking hours with the hand. And me - ot assorted multi-coloured drum kit. Backing on piano was supplied by Steve Miller, and Keith Tillman added his bass to “I Need Love” “Just A feeling” . 'Siting And Thinking. 'When You Got A Good Friend’  and “Hound Dog”.  The recording itself was patiently produced by Brian Shepherd and beautifully engineered by Dave Voyde in Mercury's London studios To all - our thanks.
by John Dummer, original "Cabal' liner notes
1. I Need Love (Dave Kelly) - 2:40
2. Just A Feeling (Jacobs) - 2:53
3. No Chance With You (Kelly) - 3:13
4. Young Fashioned Ways (Dixon) - 3:12
5. Sitting And Thinking (Morganfield) - 4:02
6. Low Down Santa Fe (Kelly) - 5:39
7. When You Got A Good Friend (McPhee, Kelly) - 3:27
8. Welfare Blues (Thimpson) - 4:10
9. Hound Dog (Otis) - 3:02
10.Blue Guitar (Hooker) - 5:48
11.After Hours (Paige) - 2:36
12.Daddy Please Don’t Cry (Kirkland) - 3:37
The John Dummer Band
13.Few Short Lines (Traditional arr. Kelly) - 3:48
14.Bullfrog Blues (Traditional arr. Kelly) - 3:43
15.Try Me One More Time (Kelly) - 3:02
16.Money And Fame (Ryga) - 2:35
17.Reconsider Baby (Fulson) - 4:53
18.Riding At Midnight (Burnett) - 3:20
19.Ain’t Gonna Work No More (Kelly) - 5:31
20.Big Feeling (Kelly) - 2:30
21.Memphis Minnie (Traditional arr. Kelly) - 2:54
22.Birds And Booze Blues (Kelly) - 4:56
23.Skin Game (Traditional arr. Kelly) - 3:58

The John Dummer Blues Band 
*Dave Kelly - Bottleneck Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo
*T.S. McPhee - Guitar, Vocals (on "Cabal" Album Only)
*John O'Leary - Harmonica
*Thumper Thomson - Bass
*John Dummer - Drums
*Jo Ann Kelly – Vocals
*Adrian Pietryga – Guitar (on 2nd Album only)
*Bob Hall – Piano

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