Friday, April 22, 2022

Redbone - Wovoka (1973 us, awesome rythm 'n' blues vibes)

The fifth "Redbone" album is the most famous one. I think this is totally deserved, it mixes songs with much indian roots and rythms with very "pop" arrangements. The result is real great. And we still have those strange and atmospheric tunes ("Liquid truth" or "23rd and Mad") aside their most popular hit ever: " Come and Get Your Love".

The appearance of Come and Get your Love in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014 will add to the legend of this album. This is the album were Butch Rillera replaced Pete DePoe. They both are playing on it.
Redbone's official 
1. Wovoka (Pat Vegas, Lolly Vegas) - 3:01
2. Sweet Lady Of Love (Lolly Vegas) - 3:03
3. Someday A Good Song (Pat Vegas, Tony Bellamy) - 4:13
4. Liquid Truth (Lolly Vegas) - 5:04
5. Come And Get Your Love (Lolly Vegas) - 5:01
6. Day To Day Life/Chant Wovoka(Pat Vegas, Tony Bellamy) - 2:43
7. Clouds In My Sunshine (Pat Vegas) - 4:45
8. 23rd And Mad (Lolly Vegas, Pete DePoe) - 6:49

*Lolly Vegas - Lead Guitar, Electric Sitar, Leslie Guitar, Vocals
*Tony Bellamy - Rhythm Guitar, Wah Wah Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Pat Vegas - Bass, Fuzz Bass, Vocals
*Butch Rillera - Drums, Background Vocals (Tracks 1,3,7,8)
*Peter DePoe - Drums, Background Vocals (Tracks 2,4,6)
*Joe Sample - Piano, Vibraphone
*Sherry Williams - Background Vocals
*Eddie Caciedo - Percussion
*Johnny Lopez - Background Vocals

1970  Redbone - Redbone (2006 edition)