Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Exmagma - Three (1975 germany, excellent avant garde jazz prog rock, 2006 remaster)

The famous lost Exmagma album finally on the loose! What a long strange trip it has been... As one of the hand-selected chosen few who own a tape copy for a couple of years, it’s as much a great joy as it is a relief to live to see a proper (though 3 decades delayed) release of the masterpiece of one of the most inventive Krautbands and one of Konrad Plank’s best ever production jobs.

If you’ve ever seen the band on stage you knew that the problem with the two Exmagma releases always was double trouble. The time limitations of an lp prevented them from showing the full spectrum of their potential and both their albums were rare as hen’s teeth, as the first one wasn’t much more than a private pressing on the tiny Neusi label and the second an equally limited French-only release on the obscure Urus label more or less unavailable in their homeland.

The third album, intended as a double-LP, is their most mature and representative release. While all the influences from Hendrix via Soft Machine to "Bitches Brew"-Miles Davis are still intact, the band had now developed a great ability in songwriting and singing, as opposed to their former strictly instrumental recordings which sometimes made it hard for the average rock customer. But it’s amazing how cleverly contrasting the whole project is puzzled together. Whenever you start thinking: "wow, Exmagma gets commercial!", they strike back with one of their experimental soundscapes and, listening to it in its entirety, it always reminds me of the idea behind "Ummagumma". But I can’t help it: it’s a lot more fun.

It’s not Kraut, it’s not Rock, it’s not Jazz, it’s not Avantgarde. It’s all of that. But the result is much bigger than the sum of the parts. Don’t miss it!
by Allen Voran
1. Box 25 - 3:36
2. My Baby's Gone I'm Out Of Tune Blues - 2:08
3. Torpedo Tits - 3:59
4. Fred Braceful Is Talkin' To Bread Faithful - 1:14
5. It's So Nice - 6:06
6. Rock 'n' Roll - 7:46
7. Weltstar - 0:17
8. The Pope - 5:49
9. Überm Beutental - 3:19
10.Dr. Phil. S.H. - 7:34
11.Qu'est-ce Que C'est? - 1:19
12.Da Da Too - 2:28
13.Stoned Chicken - 5:25
14.In Arkansas Steht 'n Atomkraftwerk - 1:11
15.Full Moon Again - 12:06
16.Walkin' On Ice - 4:27
17.If I Could - 0:18
All compositions by Thomas Balluff, Fred Braceful, Andy Goldner

*Thomas Balluff - Organ, Electric Piano, Clavinett, Effects
*Fred Braceful - Sonor Drums, Percussion 
*Andy Goldner - Fretless Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Alto Sax, Tape Recorder