Thursday, April 28, 2022

Edgewood - Ship Of Labor (1971 us, exceptional classic rock with psych and prog sense)

Edgewood were from Memphis, Tennessee and were around long enough to record an album called \’Ship Of Labor\’ so they may have made some waves back in their hometown. \’Ain\’t Had No Lovin\’ is laid back west coast style hippie rock circa early 70s and in places goes a bit jazzy which of course reminds of Spirit.

Edgewood recorded one and only album for TMI Records (it stands for Trans Maximus Inc) and was the name of Recording Studios run by Steve Cropper. The record label lasted from 1971-1973.
1. Ain't Had No Lovin' (Steve Spear, David Beaver, Pat Taylor, Jim Tarbutton, Mike Blecker) - 4:42
2. Why Don't You Listen (David Mayo, David Beaver) - 4:37
3. Burden of Lies (Pat Taylor, David Beaver) - 3:51
4. Ship of Labor (Steve Spear, David Beaver, Jim Tarbutton) - 6:34
5. Unconscious Friend (Joel Williams) - 3:15
6. Medieval People (David Beaver) - 3:45
7. We Both Stand to Lose (Reni Crook, Wayne Crook) - 4:45
8. What You See (Steve Spear, David Beaver) - 3:03
9. Silent (David Mayo, Wayne Crook) - 7:03

*Pat Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
*David Beaver - Vocals, Keyboard
*David Mayo - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
*Jim Tarbutton - Lead Guitar
*Steve Spear - Bass
*Joel Williams - Drums, Percussion

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