Saturday, October 7, 2023

Greg Sneddon - Mind Stroll (1975 australia, beautiful melodic baroque prog rock, 2019 korean remaster)

Australian composer and instrumentalist Greg Sneddon's sole album is a wonderful mixture of pop, space rock and strong keyboard driven progressive rock. Greg was a founding member of Men At Work. 

A keyboard player of some repute, Sneddon used a handful of other musicians on the album, playing multi-keys himself. The compositions have their moments. With flavours of Rick Wakeman in his keyboard playing and vocals similar to Peter Gabriel, this album is still worth a listen.
1. Mind Stroll - 9:45
2. Winter - 3:17
3. Take It Slow And Easy - 3:22
4. A Spell Of Destruction - 3:57
5. Minuet In F - 2:14
6. Concerto For Two Handed Plectrum / Madman - 8:47
Music and Lyrics by Greg Sneddon

*Greg Sneddon - Piano, Hammond B3, ARP Pro Synth, Mellotron, Hohner Clavinet, Spinnet, Fender, Rhodes, Percussion, Vocals, 2-Handed Plectrum, Composer
*Dayle Alison - Vocals, Percussion
*Phil Butson - Guitars
*Jerry H. Speiser - Drums, Voice
*Gary Ricketts - Bass, Vocals (Track 6)