Thursday, September 17, 2020

Farmyard - Farmyard (1970 new zealand, magnificent folk psych prog rock)

Hailing from Wellington, the windy city and capital of New Zealand, Farmyard's initial line up consisted of Rick White on bass and vocals, Tom Swainson on drums, Milton Parker on lead guitar, Andy Stevens on sax and Paul Curtis on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Rick White who formed the band, and Milton Parker were originally in fledgling beat combo The Relics. After being kicked out of the Relics, Rick went on to form Tom Thumb. Tom Thumb moved from R&B, to pop, to progressive rock, and their 1970 Ludgate Hill EP is considered one of the first prog recordings in the country.

After a successful single, Polydor issued Farmyard’s first LP in 1971 which came housed in a silk screened plastic bag, and is an amazing psych/prog -rock killer, with superb musicianship, great tunes and a splendid production by Peter Dawkins.
1. Those Days Are Gone (Paul Curtis, Rick White) - 4:23
2. Through My Window (Milton Parker) - 7:46
3. Which Way Confusion (Part 1) (Rick White) - 3:48
4. Which Way Confusion (Part 2) (Rick White) - 3:35
5. Learning ‘Bout Living (Paul Curtis) - 3:14
6. Da Woirks (Rick White, Milton Parker, Andrew Stevens, Tom Swainson) - 2:52
7. I Sit Alone (Andrew Stevens) - 9:37

*Paul Curtis - Lead, Harmony Vocals, Congas
*Milton Parker - Nylon String, Electric Guitar, Congas, Bass
*Rick White - Bass, Maracas, Lead Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Vibes, Handclaps
*Andrew Stevens - Flute, Tenor, Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo, Woodblock
*Tom Swainson - Drums, Maracas, Harmony Vocals, Woodblock, Indian Bells, Percussion
*Terry Condon - Handclaps
*Peter Dawkins - Congas, Tambourine, Handclaps

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