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Endle St. Cloud - Thank You All Very Much (1969 us, fascinating freaky psych rock, 2009 hardleeve bonus tracks remaster)

Endle St Cloud’s bizarre one-off album from 1969 was the last LP released by legendary Texan label International Artists. Signed to the post-Lelan Rogers IA, towards the end of the label’s golden years of 1966-70, the decidedly oddball Endle St Cloud very much belong to the second tier of IA outfits to emerge in the wake of the label’s top-selling act, 13th Floor Elevators.

Fronted by the vocal and piano-playing talents of the singular Endle himself, and including members of IA stablemates Lost & Found among their line-up, there’s never any escaping the fact that this is one off-the-wall listen (the tracklisting includes Professor Black and Laughter, both originally written for the second Lost & Found LP that never was). Much of this oddball flavour comes from the fact that the album is sequenced with a series of surreal piano and vocal vignettes introducing each of the album’s eight tracks, which themselves jump around a spectrum of styles ranging from vaudeville and country to pop and rock.

This limited digibook reissue also includes both sides of them band’s memorably psyched-out 1968 debut single, Tell Me One More Time (What’s Happening To Our World), recorded as Endle St Cloud In The Rain.
by Grahame Bent, 16 October 2009
1. Piano A Tempo - 0:21
2. Street Corner Preacher - 4:45
3. Piano Scherzo - 0:39
4. Who Would You Like To Be Today - 2:38
5. Piano Tranquillo - 0:29
6. This Is Love - 4:33
7. Piano Allegretto - 0:17
8. Professor Black (James Harrell, Pete Black, George Banks) - 2:46
9. Piano Diminuendo - 0:24
10.Piano Agitato - 0:33
11.Laughter (Pete Black) - 3:30
12.Piano Adagio - 0:36
13.Jessica - 2:54
14.Piano Con Brio - 0:12
15.Come Through (Pete Black) - 2:03
16.Piano Andante - 0:46
17.Like A Badge - 3:45
18.Piano Teneramente - 0:24
19.Tell Me One More Time (What's Happening To Our World) (Alan Melinger) - 2:50
20.Quest For Beauty (Alan Melinger) - 2:46
All compositions by David Potter, Alan Melinger, Peter Black except where stated

Endle St. Cloud
*David Potter – Drums
*Alan Melinger - Bass
*Peter Black - Vocals, Guitar

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