Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rising Storm - Calm Before... Alive Again At Andover (1967 us, impressive garage psych)

Hardcore fans of unknown 60s psych and garage all search for that taste of magic once committed to rare grooves of vinyl, a glimpse into an era when any rock combo with a few fans could get enough studio time to immortalize a set of their wildest sounds, and with Calm Before.., you get the full dosage.

If you have an original copy of this record, you ought to encase it in 15 sheets of mylar and lock it up in the safe, as garage rock hounds are probably sniffing you down as you read this. Only 500 LPs were pressed in 1967, just as these six young lads from Phillips Academy in Massachusetts were graduating prep school.

Typically, impossibly rare albums tend to get seriously over-hyped, but not so in this case. Collectors don’t go nuts over this one because it’s so rare, it’s because it’s so good! The Rising Storm rocks with the controlled frenzy of The Remains (even tearing open the album with their explosive “Don’t Look Back”), but manage to layer in a thin film of psychedelia. The contemplative original numbers are the real gems on this record. “To L.N./Who Doesn’t Know,” “Frozen Laughter,” and “The Rain Falls Down” are three must-hear folk-tinged treats.

“Mr. Wind”  with it’s lovely, lilting melody and the rollicking “Bright Lit Blue Skies” were both tunes borrowed from local Boston garage rocker contemporaries, The Rockin’ Ramrods, clearly heroes to the Storm. Another laid back treat is “A Message To Pretty,” a Love cover that proves the musical taste and cool sensibility of these young preps. Simply put, the rockers on here will start up the party, but the softer tunes give it all the sparkle.

Most of my favorite records take some time invested before they begin to reward, and Calm Before is a genuine grower. Â The CD reissue includes the original LP lineup and follows with a 1983 reunion concert recorded in their home town of Andover. Surprisingly, the boys play with all the same energy and a little bit of welcome slop that actually recreates an authentic garage sound.

These guys arguably had one of the best band names of the time.
by Brendan McGrath, June 8th, 2007 
1. Don't Look Back - 2:50
2. Medley - 3:16
3. I'm Coming Home - 2:50
4. A Message to Pretty - 3:30
5. In the Midnight Hour - 3:54
6. Frozen Laughter - 3:10
7. She Loved Me - 3:45
8. Mr. Wind - 3:04
9. Big Boss Man - 3:03
10.Bright Lit Blue Skies - 2:32
11.The Rain Falls Down - 3:26
12.Baby Please Don't Go - 2:52
13.Slow Down - 3:30
14.I'm Crying - 4:34
15.Signed D.C - 3:28
16.I'm Coming Home - 3:15
17.A Message to Pretty - 3:54
18.In the Midnight Hour - 3:01
19.My Little Red Book - 2:56
20.Medley - 3:40
21.We Gotta Get Out of This Place - 3:44
22.Medley - 6:40

The Rising Storm
*Bob Cohan - Guitar, Vocals
*Todd Cohen - Bass, Vocals
*Andy Paley - Bass, Vocals
*Charlie Rockwell - Organ, Electric Piano, Vocals
*Tony Scheft - Bongos, Drums, Tambourine
*Tony Thompson - Guitar, Vocals
*Rich Weinberg - Cowbell, Guitar, Harmonica, Tambourine, Vocals

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