Sunday, June 18, 2023

Whistler - Ho Hum (1971 uk, soft delicate melodic folk rock with prog tinges, korean remaster)

Whistler was an English folk-rock band that released the album Ho-Hum in 1971, confident and self-assured, this Deram act's only album resides somewhere between period UK country rock (Cochise, Quicksand, Southern Comfort, Quiver) and singer-songwriterdom (Mike Maran, Pete Atkin, Tony Hazzard) with plenty of light and shade thrown. 

Featuring crème de la crème of Britain's studio scene and aided by a sympathetic and lush production, this band manages to produce twelve superbly orchestrated tracks full of energy, effervescence, vigour, character, rich flavour and originality. It also features no less than three lead vocalists and - count them! - five guitarists, including none other than Southern Comfort's Gordon Huntley. Cover painted by Grout Smith.
1. Help Me - 2:27
2. Hello Lady - 2:47
3. I Can't Believe My Eyes (Carl Davis, George Howe) - 2:49
4. City Boy (Carl Davis, George Howe) - 2:01
5. Blind Leading The Blind (Carl Davis, George Howe) - 2:33
6. Machine Side (George Howe) - 2:58
7. See The Wheels Are Turning - 3:33
8. Whenever (Carl Davis, George Howe) - 2:51
9. Do It For Mother (Carl Davis, George Howe) - 2:47
10.Blind Man - 3:50
11.Nothing At All - 3:04
12.See What The Future Brings - 3:58
All songs by John Chuter except where noted

*George Howe - Vocals , Guitar, Keyboards 
*John Chuter - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
*Ant Grouth-Smith - Guitar, Bass, Sax, Vocals
*Eric Bell - Guitar
*Tony Carr - Percussion
*Clem Cattini - Drums
*Jimmy Hastings - Flute
*Gordon Huntley - Steel Guitar
*Barry Morgan - Drums
*Douglas Wright - Drums