Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Old Man And The Sea - The Old Man And The Sea (1972 denmark, tight heavy psych prog rock, 2010 remaster and expanded)


Danish band, originally from Jutland, formed in 1968, as a cover band, but soon the five musicians find their skills in original song writing and released their sole album in 1972. English lyrics in hard prog vein with full-bodied rock grafts that balance between vocals of the singer Ole Wedel, the powerful organ by Tommy Hansen,the sharp guitar by Benny Stanley, and the rhythm section  punching above its weight.

"Jingoism", with the acid guitar solo, "Princess" with the melodic piano. "The Monk Song"pt 1, a very tight rock that melts the vocals  with the organ, before the slight final flute crescento in a vaguely jazzy key. Pt 2 recalls the English dark prog (Atomic Rooster ), with the guitar taking over before Hansen's organ flood the space. The collaboration between the five  musicians  is remarkable.
"Going Blind", bears the signature of the bassist, gives a warm rock-blues rich in nuances and the usual vocal harmonies, before giving way to Stanley's incisive lead guitar, with flute, piano and organ playing crowns the evolution of the long guitar theme. The record, still very enjoyable, remains a gem of the brilliant Danish prog scene of the time. They disbanded in 1975.
1. Living Dead (Benny Stanley, John Lundvig, Ole Wedel, Tommy Hansen) - 7:48
2. Princess (Knud Lindhard) - 6:02
3. Jingoism (Knud Lindhard) - 6:56
4. Prelude (Tommy Hansen) - 1:11
5. Monksong, Pt. 1 (Tommy Hansen) - 5:51
6. Monksong, Pt. 2 (Tommy Hansen) - 3:36
7. Going Blind (Knud Lindhard) - 10:31
8. Circulation (Benny Stanley, Knud Lindhard, Ole Wedel, Tommy Hansen) - 5:58
9. Lady Nasty (Tommy Hansen) - 7:49
10.Nasty Backbone (Ole Wedel) - 4:23
11.Roll The Dice (Knud Lindhard, Tommy Hansen) - 3:17
12.The Jam (John Lundvig, Knud Lindhard, Roar Eskesen, Tommy Hansen) - 7:20

The Old Man And The Sea
*Ole Wedel Petersen - Lead Vocals
*Benny Stanley - Electric Guitar
*Tommy Hansen - Organ, Piano, Vocals
*Knud Lindhard - Bass, Vocals
*John Lundvig - Drums
*Lars Thygesen - Drums
*Robert Hausehildt - Vocals
*Lasse Laursen - Guitar
*Erik Halager - Bass, Vocals
*Roar Eskesen - Drums